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  1. Very shocked they called it though
  2. This Rangers vs Penguins game has been pretty good
  3. Looked like a head hit on Rakell How is that not a major?
  4. I don’t know if DeSmith even saw the goal by Fox. Didn’t seem that tough of a save
  5. I was thinking this too. There’s no reason that Hughes, Nico, and Bratt, Dougie, and someone to create a screen can’t create a competent powerplay. It’s clear that Recchi’s “system” (that’s being generous) is garbage Yea it’s been a fun one to watch. Balls to the wall from the getgo
  6. Hahaha what a crappy start to the 2nd period
  7. So close to scoring a power play goal. But honestly I don’t even mind because I want Recchi gone
  8. Looks like Toronto signed McKay https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/33805130/toronto-maple-leafs-sign-minnesota-state-goalie-hobey-baker-winner-dryden-mckay
  9. That was a rough shift And there’s the nail in the coffin
  10. At this rate it could be made into a show how comically bad it’s been
  11. I can’t believe Severson couldn’t even complete that short pass to McLeod Are you kidding me Hammond?
  12. Nikita I can’t say his last name with his 1st goal!
  13. Tuna ripping one off the post
  14. Boqvist keeping his hot streak going
  15. Yep he immediately contradicted Cangi and said “No!”
  16. Looked like a real life video game glitch in the EA NHL sports games.
  17. Lol Vegas playoff chances took a big hit. Great win
  18. What a move by Boqvist and what a screw up by Cangi
  19. Have no idea how Vegas didn’t score there
  20. Of course. It wouldn’t be Devils hockey if it wasn’t a goal like that
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