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  1. Zacha trying his best to allow another short handed goal
  2. Alright let’s kill off this PP. Our own PP
  3. Great save by Hammond on that point blank chance on the PP. He had a good period
  4. The F was he thinking on that? An unnecessary takedown
  5. What a rush by Bratt. Almost leading to a goal for Dougie
  6. Bastian! Good crash to the net leading to that goal
  7. Good play by Nico to set up the odd man rush Then there was Zacha’s “effort” to corral that long pass leading to an icing
  8. Well last time we played them we were down 3-0 before we came back so we have them right where we want them…yea jk we are going to give up a touchdown and get blown out
  9. How are 2 Avs wide open right in front of Hammond?
  10. I’ll be there! Wish Jack was playing but excited to see this team play in person again
  11. It’s gotten to the point where I hope they don’t give up a touchdown or a hat trick
  12. Shooting from our own blue line would have been more effective than that powerplay. I would love to ask him this
  13. Same. It’s already an uphill battle against these guys with Jack in the lineup so without him I don’t expect much. Just don’t get shellacked like the game in Boston. Bratt has been held without a point in the last 3 games so it would be nice to get him going again
  14. How I feel about every goalie the Devils have trotted out there this season
  15. Sadly for the Devils that wasn’t a bad powerplay. For other teams it would be.
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