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  1. https://deadspin.com/nhl-playoffs-new-york-rangers-new-jersey-devils-dolan-1850394483 😃😂
  2. Reminds me of the quote in the movie Miracle: ”I’m not looking for the best players. I’m looking for the right ones.” Also this is great:
  3. It’s so beautiful because not only do the Devils move on, but almost as importantly the Rangers go home
  4. The crowd would go nuts if Meier came back
  5. Dangit that would have been a good chance if they weren’t offside
  6. Another penalty. Can’t keep taking these
  7. https://www.nhl.com/news/new-york-rangers-to-mix-up-lines-to-avoid-elimination-in-game-6-vs-new-jersey/c-343980132?tid=343453252 Looks like there will be different lines for the Rags tomorrow night
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