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  1. Tatar looked like he thought he was on the Habs again the way he passed it right to them
  2. Sheesh that move by Hughes. That goalie is saving the Habs right now
  3. Same but maybe he thought goalies are looking for that now
  4. Before they started the 4 minute powerplay I said to myself “I don’t care if they don’t score as long as they don’t get scored on.” Well we all know how well that went. It’s pathetic how often teams get good chances on OUR powerplay
  5. I cringe thinking what the Devils would look like with those two instead of Nico and Jack
  6. At this rate until Recchi is fired we should just hold the puck behind our goalie for the entire 2 minutes on our powerplay. Better than getting scored on
  7. Shoot the former Flyer to the moon. His powerplay is straight up trash. We have all the tools to have a great powerplay and he continually holds us back
  8. Yes. “Unacceptable” was used for the guys behind the bench by Dano
  9. Dougie playing like hot garbage right now
  10. Dano calling out the coaching staff
  11. Held my breath when Hughes got nailed to the wall. Reminded me of the play where he got hurt
  12. I’m going to guess one of the early 2000s teams with the A Line
  13. I usually don’t either but I would have too. So much frustration came out tonight finally beating these guys after 8 straight losses
  14. The faith in Hughes to become a superstar before actually becoming one is paying off big time. That contract looks amazing now. Now it’s time to pay Bratt
  15. Wow 6 times now the Devils have scored 7 this season
  16. Jack wanted to get in on the fun. What a game after trailing 2-0 early
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