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  1. Saw this tweet and couldn’t stop laughing for some reason. But seriously besides a boatload of picks I don’t know what Vegas could offer
  2. Unless Vegas throws in a crapload of 1st round picks, this is how I imagine the Vegas offer compared to what we can offer
  3. yep! It was a Swiss dominated night yep! It was a Swiss dominated night
  4. Carolina loses 3-2 to the Ducks!
  5. That was a beautiful steal by Mercer
  6. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? What a pass by Hughes to Bratt
  7. This looks like a pro team vs a college team right now
  8. Torts looks plenty annoyed which is wonderful
  9. Mercer didn’t miss this time! Shades of that Elias pass to Arnott from Nico!
  10. Nice play by Tatar to keep that alive for Nico
  11. Jack! Hopefully that gets him going on another goal streak again
  12. Yea I’m so used to this team behind in the 1st that it’s weird to see this game still tied
  13. Severson trying his best to put the Devils down 1-0
  14. That was a really nice play rather than just rush up and try to score when the defender was clearly going to catch him
  15. Terrific chance for the Flyers when Severson decided to defend no one What a passing sequence by Bratt and Hughes to Sharangovich.
  16. Oh man Mercer with a glorious chance there. What a pass by Nico
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