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  1. Are our players allergic to shooting the puck? Vesey also needs to shoot that there
  2. It’s pretty sad how we can’t even complete a simple pass right now. To beat the Rags you have to play an almost perfect game and we are giving pucks away like candy
  3. Haha so close. Reminds me of this clip lol.
  4. I was there too. Crowd was buzzing all night
  5. Still boggles my mind that Tatar is on a powerplay unit
  6. Why do I feel like the Devils are going to give up a short handed goal
  7. I eat my words. Devils actually won in a shootout!
  8. Here comes the loss in the shootout
  9. Henrique has hit a lot of iron tonight
  10. Especially if they keep going to the box
  11. Man this powerplay is hot garbage right now
  12. Yep. Great win. And the Avs got some good bounces on a couple of their goals too. The Devils won a lot of puck battles and took it to the Avs especially after going down 3-0.
  13. What a comeback win against the best team in the league without Nico. Huge for the growth of this team going forward
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