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  1. Feeling generous again tonight. Free tickets. Section 102 Row 6 Seats 3-4. First come first serve. PM me if interested. All I ask is you cheer for my friend Samantha Dango who is singing the anthem tonight. Thanks =)
  2. Hystyk28 will enjoy my seats tonight. Have fun and go Devils!
  3. Haha sorry man I decided today was a good day to give away my seats. I'll probably do a couple more before the season is over. Keep a lookout! =) Tickets have been claimed.
  4. Giving my seats away tonight. First come first serve. PM me.
  5. Section 102 Row 6 Seats 3-4. First come first serve. PM me if interested!
  6. Looks like Chimaira is good luck =) Glad you got to see 2 wins while u were here!
  7. This says it all.Plus the deck filled up for parking so I had to pay in the lot across the street.
  8. Anyone else who went thought this thing was a train wreck like I did? I was 15th in line for my wristband group (Kinkaid, Harrold, Gionta, Schneider) and went straight to the Jagr over flow line. I got my autograph but that's all I had time for. What people were doing was just going straight for the overflow line first of people they wanted and then going back at the end using their wristband and going straight to the front of the line. I'm usually not a complainer but I thought the event was poorly done. Btw Jagr really didn't seem like he wanted to be there lol. Didn't even say hi. Still love the guy though and am thankful for his contributions to the team. Schneider remembered me from the ticket pickup photo I had with him. Such a class act.
  9. So we can't get opposing teams' autographs anymore?
  10. At least he's better at answering questions than Marshawn Lynch
  11. Bonginator11

    No GDT

    Wow for sure thought it was OT
  12. Bonginator11

    No GDT

    Well I'm glad the you suck is in fine form tonight....not
  13. Bonginator11

    No GDT

    What a whiff by Zubie
  14. Really? I'm in 102 and looks like they raised prices according to my invoice
  15. Bonginator11

    No GDT

    Me too I've never seen this
  16. Bonginator11

    No GDT

    Anyone else notice there isn't one tonight?
  17. Hello everyone, Selling my seats to tonight's game. Section 102 Row 6 Seats 3-4. $30 for the pair. PayPal only. Tickets will be emailed upon payment. PM me if interested. Thanks for looking!
  18. Giving away my tickets. Section 102 Row 6 Seats 3-4. First come first serve. PM me if interested.
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