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  1. 3-0. stupid good for nothing philly
  2. who is paying these refs to F us over?
  3. why does this feel like the 2003 Stanley Cup Finals where it seemed like every defensive zone faceoff would wind up in our net?
  4. switch back to Marty. the Lightning are Moose's kryptonite...
  5. just came back from the event. got several autographs - Arnott, Tedenby, and Palmieri. Rod Pelley is AWESOME. had a nice conversation with him for 5-10 minutes while things were wrapping up. overall the players were super nice and seemed happy to be there with the fans.
  7. Hey everyone, Another deal for the 2/16 game vs. the Canes. $10 seats in the mezzanine/balcony. https://oss.ticketmaster.com/html/group_corp_start.htmI?l=EN&team=devils&owner=613508&group=305&err=&event=&customerID= Use passcode: DEVILS
  8. hey i got this from a friend that works for the Devils. $10 lower level seats to three games! https://oss.ticketmaster.com/html/group_corp_start.htmI?l=EN&team=devils&owner=613508&group=343&err=&event=&customerID= use the passcode: Allstar
  9. as much as i hate to admit it, the Queen is awfully solid on shootouts
  10. i don't know if anyone noticed, but i thought Kovalchuk did a great job today backchecking and breaking up some potential scoring chances. but it feels great to have a winning streak and to do it against the Flyers makes it even sweeter =)
  11. ok lets get serious again boys...
  13. Kovy shoulda shot that...probably would've had his 2nd of the game
  14. He was there with the coaches last year
  15. i thought the team showed better effort these past 2 games against Philly. our D still needs better positioning although some unlucky bounces didn't help either. also, the offensive effort i think is starting to come around. more quality chances, but obviously the team needs to find a way to convert on some of these chances. what has looked awful has been the PP...which is ironic since it was the only thing working before MacLean was canned. And yes, when I heard it was Rolston coming onto the ice as an extra skater I almost gagged. This is where Tedenby is supposed to be if Lemaire didn't keep benching him. Honestly, Tedenby is one of our only speed threats on this team, and benching him is only hurting us. Lemaire has to realize that this kid's speed stretches out the D and gives our offense a little more room out there.
  16. yes Marty did play well besides the first one. i think the stick smashing in practice did him some good to get the frustration out. however, in a game like this, that first one MUST be stopped. i forgot to add in my past post: looks like the team has responded better to Lemaire than to MacLean. i don't know if it had to do with the opponent tonight, but Lemaire definitely had our boys prepared to work their tails off.
  17. was at the game tonight too. the energy and heart from the team was there. unfortunately so were some mental lapses which ultimately cost us the game. Some thoughts: 1) yes even though the Boyle goal was terrible on Marty's part, we didn't need three guys to converge on the same player. still, after all that work to score the first goal, that soft goal by marty was an absolute killer. 2) Arnott had an awful game and Zajac and Kovy weren't far behind. And I don't care if Clarkson needs lessons from friggin Kristi Yamaguchi - that fool needs to learn how to skate. 3) Tedenby scoring on the breakaway would've changed the game in my opinion. 4) while the cycling was good tonight - they gotta take more shots when given the opportunity, especially on the PP. 5) positive from tonight? watching Avery get owned time and time again. 6) and yes, the Rags fans around me really pissed me off.
  18. never said he was inaccurate. just said he loves bashing the Devils at any chance he gets
  19. Bonginator11


    http://espn.go.com/blog/nhl/post/_/id/2945/burnside-this-weeks-games-to-watch-9 Pretty sure he could've found a better game on Wednesday than ours. Only picked ours to bash us again.
  20. hmm...let me say it again...Fayne needs to go. he really looks lost right now
  21. our defense just likes to watch the other team go to work... and fayne needs to go
  22. 58 goals in 32 games...and a goal differential of -40. last in the league in both categories
  23. hahaha thanks man. thanks for the idea to post on craigslist
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