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  1. never said he was inaccurate. just said he loves bashing the Devils at any chance he gets
  2. Bonginator11


    http://espn.go.com/blog/nhl/post/_/id/2945/burnside-this-weeks-games-to-watch-9 Pretty sure he could've found a better game on Wednesday than ours. Only picked ours to bash us again.
  3. hmm...let me say it again...Fayne needs to go. he really looks lost right now
  4. our defense just likes to watch the other team go to work... and fayne needs to go
  5. 58 goals in 32 games...and a goal differential of -40. last in the league in both categories
  6. hahaha thanks man. thanks for the idea to post on craigslist
  7. sold the tickets today for $300 total!
  8. lol i'll take it that no one likes the Nets here. Only reason I would ask even that high is its the Lakers. Anyone else I wouldn't ask even half that price.
  9. By signing up for a flex plan with the Devils, I was promised 2 club seats to the Nets vs. Lakers for 12/12/10. The face value of these seats are $350 each. I am selling to Devils fans for $600 total. Send me a PM if you are interested. I will leave the tickets in your name at Will Call.
  10. just want to comment on Kovy being a class act. not only did he stop to sign, he literally signed every jersey, hat, program, and memorabilia thrown his way tonight. btw, his shootout goal was a complete laserbeam to the top shelf. thanks also to Moose, Tedenby, Pelley, Fayne, Clarkson, Gionta, McKenna, Tallinder, and even good ol Daneyko for a few lucky people for stopping to sign autographs in this chilly weather.
  11. Couldn't have said it better myself Sickman. Reminds me of the 3-0 loss to the Rags where we completely outplayed them and still lost.
  12. almost feel like Tim Donaghy is disguised in a ref uniform and is skating around this rink right now...
  13. i've never seen anything like that Blues goal. usually the ref will blow the whistle even if it looks remotely close of the goalie having the puck.
  14. came back from the game and there were both positives and obviously negatives from this game: Positives: PP Goal - kept it simple with a Arnott rocket and Zubie and Clarkson in front Tedenby-Arnott-Elias line - thought Tedenby kept up well with the vets and was rewarded with his first NHL point. even got a great scoring chance but couldn't bury the shot in between the hashmarks Steven Gionta - hit everyone not in red; i love the energy this guy brings to the team Negatives: Defensive coverage - especially atrocious with the Myers goal; go back and watch the replay - 4 Devils lined up in an I all on one side leaving Myers WIDE open Clearing the zone - no explanation needed here Top line - yes they scored a goal, but it was off a lucky bounce off a Sabres skate. Need more sustained pressure in the zone from these guys Kovy - obviously the shootout attempt sucked and rifling a breakaway shot over the net didn't help either. But I have faith Kovy will turn it around - too talented not to So overall, a step in the right direction by actually scoring some goals. But defensively we have more holes than Swiss Cheese and need to figure out some spacing and coverage issues that are killing the team and the goaltenders' chances of stopping some pucks. Because I thought Hedberg had a decent game - defense just left him out to dry on majority of the goals.
  15. he was driving a white benz...i'm guessing S Class?
  16. honestly I was disappointed in Kovy tonight, but he had the class to stop his car tonight and sign a couple of autographs for fans tonight - one being me. Kovy and this team will be fine - just taking longer than expected
  17. i'm with jagknife - i refuse to quit on this team. i'll be at the Nov 5th game.
  18. why can't our PP look like that?
  19. i think the better question is what is going on at home? we are 0-4-1 at the Rock so far
  20. everytime Tallinder steps onto the ice, all i think is "oh frick" - proved me right with a solid -3 tonight. As much as we complain about Rolston, Tallinder makes Rolston look like a bargain.
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