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    COD Black Ops 2

    I could never get into Halo... i tried it a while back, and just didn't enjoy it as much as COD.
  2. KAZ

    COD Black Ops 2

    Was wondering if anyone else on the board plays this game on the 360? Having a great time playing in the NHL GM League with people from here, and was thinking of getting something set up for COD...
  3. If i keep power I will be on tonight...
  4. Was hoping to get some games in last night, then my power went out again... Ugghhhhh...
  5. Well my office is closing at 2pm today... so that means I should be on after I get home tonight... if I keep my power throught this storm... keeping my fingers crossed and hope to get in a few games today!
  6. My bad about last night... Right after I ate dinner, I was notified that my water company lost power and I would be losing water pressure shortly, so I had to start filling up jugs of water so I could flush my toilet... Also had to run out and stock up on some bottled water...
  7. Sounds good! I am hoping to hop on for a little tonight to kinda "de-stress" but we shall see whatt he day brings...
  8. Finally got power back late Saturday, and my parents got it back yesterday. Will try to get online and play some games this week, but it may be a bit crazy around the house. We were lucky enough not to have any serious damage, but still a lot to do and check on since we had no power and heat for almost 7 days...
  9. Winnipeg here... Should be on each night this weekend...
  10. Geez if I quit everytime I was playing someone who is better than me, I would never be online... Stop being a baby and take your loss like a man...
  11. I have been on just about every night and am having a hard time finding the people I need to play... Still got Philly Buffalo and Carolina to get in... have plans to play carolina about 9 or so tonight.. Anyone know if the other two plan to play tonight?
  12. I still have Philly, Carolina, Buffalo.... I'll be on tonight so come get your easy win for the week! LOL
  13. Finished up my schedule early this week! I love this league even though I am horrible!
  14. Sounds good... I am on pretty much every day except Sunday... Too busy with football and my fantasy teams.... And I will look tonight and see if there are any deals I think might work... Feel free to make any offers you like as well
  15. Montreal, NJ, Boston and NYR... I'll be on for most of the night tonight and tomorrow... Then back online Monday night between 6-9
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