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  1. Here is a song that is played in germany when a series ends, something to "say goodbye" to the other team: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUOPh_i8E9Q I'll translate the chorus: And then we say, goodbye, (Darum sagen wir, Auf wiedersehen!) the time with you was beautiful, (Die Zeit mit euch, war Wunderschön!) but it's better to leave now, we don't want to see tears, (Es ist wohl besser jetzt zu geh'n, wir können keine Tränen seh'n,) happy holidays and goodbye! (Schönen Gruß, und Auf Wiedersehen!) It's just amazing. Last year, it seemed so far away, and now it's so close!
  2. It was 4:34 AM in Germany when i decided i just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. I went to bed, just as the siren sounded it's going to be overtime. I was confident we would win it, don't ask me why. Then, this morning, i woke up and got the message that we made it to the SCF's. So proud to be a devils fan! @Germandevilsfan Ich hab hier was für dich: https://www.facebook.com/NewJerseyDevilsGermany ;-)
  3. This is our building, these are our fans, this is the way we play! Let's go Devils!
  4. Microwave's Stream works perfect, but GameCenter does as well. In Germany, I have a channel called "ESPN America", where they do show a lot of NHL games live, and sometimes they broadcast the Devils. Yeah, it's hard...staying up all night, see them go to overtime, go to bed when its actually time to get up again...but that's the way we chose, we love the Devils, don't we? @munichdevil Leidensgenosse? Rotes Devils Trikot, falls wir uns mal im Oly sehen sollten... ;-)
  5. Martys hot and we're still rollin', i might stay up for the 3rd... and while im typing, the leafs score...
  6. That's a good start...let's keep goin
  7. I was wondering why there is no stream up, and no liveradio...until realizing thats its 6 pm in toronto right now... ok, im european and too far away, so nevermind...LGD!
  8. After a friday night out, a saturday morning hangover, too much coffee and red bull, i'm punished with not sleeping @ all... so here we go, some nhl action thousands of miles away...Let's go Devils!
  9. I don't know about the mass transit situation to the Colliseum, but european fans would all meet up at one specific point and maybe all catch the same train / bus that brings you to the arena. Would that be an idea for you? You wouldn't have to plan the transportation by yourself then. But of course i should mention that mass transit is ALWAYS included in the ticket with no extra fees...
  10. That touches me, even though i'm miles away from the state of New Jersey, and have unfortunately never been to a Devils game before. But since last season when (thanks to the help of you guys here) i started to watch devils broadcasts, i really began to love the way doc commented on the game. Over here, we do not have this type of broadcasts where the commentary team comes from your own company. Like chico said, he thinks that it might be old school, but the way hockey should be shown on TV. And i think that way too. I shall miss you doc!
  11. Let the Isles know who rules in newark, sing loud and proud and make it happen! Good luck boys and girls!
  12. Oh great, no PO's with my german team, and i'm ill. Unfunny Friday...all my hopes for the devils, to trash the thrashers! And Happy St. Paddy's day y'all!
  13. One game at a time. Was it kovy who said that? Ah, never mind, it seems to work. Please have them make the #8 seed...
  14. Well, they were a good team. 8 stars on their jerseys symbolize 8 championships, highest in the league. Luckily for me, they are no longer, and just were about to fold two years ago! Standing sections on both ends of the lower bowl is not a usual thing. Normally you'll see one big section behind the goal where the home team attacks twice. But for lanxess arena this is not possible. Cologne is Carnivals Capital, so drunken people in fancy dresses by this time of year...well, a normal thing! So back to topic now, and away from our little expansion to german hockey history!
  15. Cologne and Mannheim have a great rivalry, very traditional, so games like this are always pretty close and emotional. I'm glad you liked it, even though you went to see the very wrong team play, and much worse - tried the worst beer germany has to offer! Have fun with carnival going on! Did you stand in between the fans or did you happen to have seats in lanxess arena? (Germany's and europe's biggest hockey arena with 18´500 people capacity)
  16. Uh, 2:30 am the game will start over here, that's definitely too early for me i guess! It's game 7 for us every night, i hope they can keep it up in Dallas and win! LGD!
  17. I hadn't expected it, after playing the night before. But chapeau devils. I believe...
  18. Wow, im watching hnic while the devils blow the canes away...great guys! Keep going!
  19. Great game, besides the last 10 minutes. Letting a team come back like this can backfire, but ok, it didn't tonight. Friday's waiting... Let's keep it going devils!
  20. A nice and warm spring day here, did some excercise, now heading over to nuremberg to see some hockey action, and a late night devils game! Here we go! Two days off, and guys full of energy, hopefully pumped for what's yet to come!
  21. If they make it, i make it...over to see a playoff devils game.
  22. i think i'm getting ill, oh no...i wanted to stay up at least for the 1st period...:(

    1. Scottie2Hottie


      just nap for the next 4 hours. you'll be alright!

  23. Fishsticks, anyone? After making maple-syrup last night, it's time to have some fish. I hope they find a way! Let's go devils!
  24. Kovy had his booster on while skating down there, so fast, nice stick handling, and an even better goal! Great, that's really really great Any sharks seen yet? Don't think so...i hope they are not too tired.
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