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  1. It's supposed to be on 776. I guess I can't complain if I am getting to watch the game, but I prefer our feed.
  2. Is anyone else not able to get the Devils feed on Direct TV Center Ice?
  3. How much are we paying Kovy? For this game I'd give him $1.50 for putting on a jersey.
  4. I am a Devils fan that is exiled to live in Texas - meaning I only have the ability to watch the Devils on TV. My plan is to make it to the Rock next year to finally see the Devils play at home. I have a second favorite hockey team (located in the Northwest Division), but the Devils are my number one team period. Thankfully the two teams generally play only once a year and when that does happen, I always root for the Devils. I feel that this does not make me any less of a Devils fan, since I have a second team that I root for. I am not a fairweather fan as I have watched every single Devils game this year no matter how painful they are (and will continue to). Just because I have a second team that I love doesn't mean I am a bad Devils fan. Feel free to disagree. Want to identify me in Texas? I am the only girl driving around Houston with a Devils license plate frame on the front and back of her car.
  5. Ugly - who cares if you have 7 defensemen in your lineup if they all have a hard time understanding the responsbilities of their job.
  6. I will be in Dallas on February 22nd. My goal for next season, finally see a Devils home game at the rock.
  7. I have been a long time reader of the board, but finally posting again. My old user name is locked in my college e-mail address, so I am starting over fresh. I have been a hockey fan my whole live and a Devils fans 'offically' since 2001. After finishing graduate school, I hoped to move north where I could actually watch hockey live; however, I was incredibly lucky to get in a job in my field - only it's in Houston. I find myself having to defend hockey and my passion for the Devils all the time. My cable company here is unable to get the Center Ice package so I missed the second half a last season, but I am having my satellite dish installed tomorrow just in time for the season to start. I plan to be at the Dallas game in February and I would love to meet up with fellow Devils fans living in Texas.
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