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  1. Whew. That's at least one other Flyers fan in the same section where I'll be. I'm looking forward to it since the Winter Classic precluded my usual road trips to places like NJ, the Island, and DC this year. Here's to a good series.
  2. It's in a part of NJ where the team loyalties begin to split but I don't think it's as far from Philly as you think and it does count as "local" for some people who are in definite Flyers territory (Bucks County, especially the Yardley/Morrisville areas just across the river). It's approximately 13 miles for me to go to Trenton and about an extra 10 miles to get to South Philly although the drive times are comparable without traffic. The Sun National Bank Center is slightly closer to the Wachovia Center than it is to the Rock. I used to go to a few games a year when they were the Titans but I think I've only been back twice since the Devils took over. If the Devils ever moved their AHL affiliation to Trenton, that might actually be enough to draw me in since the Phantoms moved out of the area and it would be the closest chance to see AHL prospects. The ECHL games alone without a rooting interest unfortunately aren't a strong enough draw for me.
  3. They're screened. I tried to sneak in two messages with a Flyers slant when I went down there for Game 5, and they didn't get through.
  4. Congrats, guys, that looks like a nice building and miles better than the CAA. I look forward to seeing it on Nov. 8. I'm already envious of the cupholders.
  5. Thanks for the info on the closest train station.
  6. What's the closest train station to the Devils practice facility at South Mountain? My cousins live not too far from there just off 280 and Pleasant Valley Way in West Orange, and I'm thinking about taking them to a Flyers/Devils game in Newark this year. (I took them to an Islanders/Devils game at CAA that was neutral for me, but I'm looking forward to attending a game that means something to all of us.)
  7. I didn't take too many Devils pics other than trying to snap away during the fights, but I have pics from last night's game on my site. Pics from the AHL game are up there, too.
  8. It wasn't in the original post - go to this page and enter the presale password in the field.
  9. The ComcastTix system doesn't link presales to the event listings like Ticketmaster. You need to click on the presales & promotions link in the sidebar and enter in the password to gain access to the presale listing.
  10. Like other said, the Flyers officially sell through ComcastTix. The system did improve over the season, but as much as it pains me to say it, there are occasions when I miss Ticketmaster. The bargains probably won't be as good as they were last season, but I picked up tickets to several games at the end of the year through StubHub. They have an office at the Holiday Inn a few blocks from the Wachovia Center if you need to do a last minute pickup.
  11. Flyers fan chiming in - just like Masked Fan says above and others have also said, as long as you don't go overboard with your behavior, feel free to come and root for the Devils or whatever team you happen to support. Yeah, you'll hear some heckling, but as long as you don't cross the line in retaliation and keep it good natured, you'll be fine. Just be wise enough to recognize if you're near the drunken loudmouth who wants to pick on someone and provoke a reaction, or to look at it from the other side, make sure you're not that loudmouth. Every arena has those people and it's always best to avoid them.
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