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  1. a trade between St louis and Nj will happens 2 game in a row that the blues scout are at devils games...

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    2. CarpathianForest


      Clarkson/Langs for Backes/Perron and Jackman

    3. DevsMan84


      I'd do that trade in a heartbeat

    4. SS-SS


      clarckson Langs for Backes/Perron and Jackman ??? This got to be strong drugs your on :)

  2. Oh my a friends of mine starting is nhl career tomorrow vs Montréal !!

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    2. caron14


      he skate twice faster as me. I play with im a little bit

    3. Quinn01


      Is he a better typer? jk I kid. I am excited to see him play, esp since I wasnt fond of Urbom. Good luck to him.

    4. Aznjsn
  3. WTF??? trade with St louis fast and make this team a TEAM!!!! the Devs playing like fvcking dumb

    1. Dead


      who are they going to trade? and for who?

    2. caron14


      i dont konow but 2 game in a row that stlouis scout are a devils games..

    3. MB3


      ah, so a bad start = trade random players for other random players.

  4. what about UCANRUSH line? is it a good name for our first line

    1. Aznjsn


      i'm sorry, but I don't get it.

    2. Bullshockey247



  5. Devils will trade with toronto? interesting option.. well story to follow

    1. Quinn01


      I have heard this rumor as well.

    2. MB3



  6. Magnan was fine !!! i told ya

    1. MB3


      ..nobody doubted ya..?

    2. caron14
  7. No 17 will get a hat trick tonight

    1. Dead


      1 goal = hat trick now. If we get one goal at our home games... There goes my hat :)

  8. expect big wins tonight in LA

    1. MantaRay


      It will be just another win for the Kings. Beating up a last place team is not considered "big"

  9. I believe in this team and always had and i always did

  10. When is the rookie camp?

    1. GoArmySports


      Starts next week I think.

  11. 20 players and a little bit under the cap! Lou need to made a move anyway soon or later. But he have more time to do the right move.

  12. Wow the Devs was dominant tonight. Watch out it just the start of the climb of the ladder!

  13. What the fvck!!!!

  14. Hope KOVY will play and that he will score 4 goal in 8 to 2 win for NJ over the fvcking rangers

  15. At least they play fine (not good enough) and they were unlucky so it a start.. We dont have to panic they will find their way back and be in the playoff

  16. NJ wins well the smell of the wins is so good

  17. call tedenby up!

  18. Kovy have to rise up this team i got 100 millions of reason

  19. They play better .... ti just matter of time before kovy find is way back to score goals

  20. Fayne effect is on ! Big winning streak going on

  21. Cant Wait for the Kovalchuk Josefson duo

  22. Back to back wins need

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