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  1. Hi everybody,

    It has been a long time since I didn't post on that forum. The last three years I was the head coach of the Midget AA in my region. At the  end of the current season I just became the assistant coach (work mostly with the forward) of the Junior A team called the Ville-Marie Pirates that evolve in the GMHL. The team was an expansion team last year and did pretty good for a first year team. We are playing in a little town and everybody is following the team in a great way. The arena is always full. I decide to join the team because of the commitment the owners and the hockey staff has for their team. If you are age between 17 and 21 and want to know more about the team and if you can attend our main camp, just contact me via PM. Thanks for the tribune. I could post a video of a game later on that topic. 

    The league is scout by NCAA, University in USA, couple of european league and our team could be a window for couple of team in the QJMHL.

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  2. Well yesterday I was saying that I like what Shero has done with the Devils on this forum. Love that he try to land Shattenkirk and Shatty just decide he was in love with tje rangers... People were complaining and saying that Shero suck etc...


    Tofayr Shero just stole a really good young forward. Johansson is awesome... We now have a young, fast and dynamic attack. We have a good goalie. The only thing we need is to improve our Defense. We need guys that can move the puck and I wouldnt be surprise if shero put another steal for us...

    Shero trade 2 second rounders 2X 3 rounders, Adam Larsson for Kyle Palmieri, Marcus freaking Johansson and Taylor Hall!

    He draft hischier and Mcleod... so we shall see for those 2.

    Trust the GM... I love Shero from day 1 and he loves to surprise us... this trade came out of nowwhere just like the Hall trade.

    who knows what next with him.

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  3. Listen,... those were AHL move... Nothing more than that.

    Outside of Shattenkirk... There is no upset there... And Shero try to land him.

    I'll wait for his next move,,, Who knows maybe we will land Radulov put of nowhere :P (i dont expect it...)

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  4. im happy with Shero so far... 

    Boyle is a good signing.

    He try to land Shattenkirk, but the guy only want to be a Rangers... Nothing shero can do about.

    Now I am wondering who he is targeting and what is up with Kovalchuk... 

    Your general thought on cody Franson... Should we try to land him?

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  5. I had formation for my coaching today with pros like Hartley, Éric Dubois etc... and André Tourigny.

    I talk with Tourigny for 40 min about coaching and I ask about Hischier.


    Tourigny on Hischier today when we talk about him.

    1. He is the best player he ever coach. (He coachs mackinnon etc...)Learning curve is exceptionnal. He has the best personnality and pay attention to details. He thinks he has less hand and shot than Patrick, but he has better vision , speed, he can reads the play.

    2- No chance he is going back in Junior for him. He is NHL ready and will grow pretty quickcly. 

    3- if it was tight.. he thinks after the interview with him and the people around him, that it is not tight anymore.

    4- He dont think we can pass him... would be a huge mistake.

    After talking with him I became nervous... I want Hischier.

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  6. Major update here.

    Nolan Patrick is in Montreal. He will meet the medecine staff of the Habs...

    Are the Habs willing to trade for the 1 overall pick? Or do they think we get hischier and want to trade with the Flyers?

    could make sense for us... we have zajac henrique zacha mcleod at center depth... they have nothing at center.

    interesting target for us...

    Sergachev and Galchenyuk.

  7. 3 hours ago, dmann422 said:

    I'd be surprised if Galchenyuk is part of a Kovy deal. I thought they're looking for centers in MTL? 

    I'm fine sending him wherever we can get the best return from, even if it's the Rags.

    But I'm still not holding my breath that he's actually coming back, this could easily just be an effort to leverage more money from the KHL. I'll believe it only when I see him on the ice.

    Montreal are looking for everything except for goalie....

    If I am honest I don't think they have a good team...

  8. I dont think it will happen too, but I found it funny that some fans around the league thinks they will get Kovy for a third rounder and others want to trade piece of their team right away for him.

    Quiet sincerely, I want us to get good asset for him or make him play for us... I like the fact that Shero saids he wants a deal that make sense. Kovalchuk is still a really good player who can play top 6 minutes in a cup contender club. 

  9. 5 hours ago, munichdevil said:

    Even without the injury problems I believe the Devils are more likely to draft Hischier than Patrick. After looking at every available footage of the two players, Patrick for me kinda resembles "the old NHL" whereas Hischier is the textbook "modern" lightning fast NHL player. The Devils need to become faster and Hischier is the perfect fit for this. Hischier and Hall would be just perfect together. You can always add Palmieri to the line to add some toughness, but as for speed and skill that would be just so tremendous.

    As for Patricks injuries, I don't think you can seriously consider drafting him at No 1 when the differences between him and Hischier in terms of what they both bring to the table are so small. Think about it: Everybody will say "I told you so" if Patrick misses his first large chunk of games, which is surely going to happen sooner rather than later. Shero is not gonna risk that, he is too smart for this. And like I said, it's not as if we're talking a Connor McDavid vs Lawson Crouse difference here.      

    I couldn't agree more. I will take time to analyse both player more closely... But from the games that I saw from Patrick and  from Hischier, I would go for Nico right now... I still have a month and a half to confirm or change my mind. 

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  10. Dont forget one thing... Shero Draft Mcleod instead of logan Brown last year... he went for speed and flash instead of size... He might do the same things here  and Draft Hischier.

    Everybody from the Québec média... Things that we would be dumb to draft Patrick over Hischier. There was an argument on 91.9 radio about if we are dumb enough to not take Hischier. Im not saying they are right... but I like that everybody here is on Patrick and every in Quebec and Canada are on Hischier. 

    He dominates games against the best. It was a pleasure to saw him in the QJMHL this year...

  11. 4 hours ago, SMantzas said:
    The Q does a great job tracking stats compared to the WHL, so it gives us some nice data on Nico.

    Some pluses:

    -Averaged over 4 shots per game in the regular season and 5 per game in the playoffs

    -Only 11 of his 38 goals came on the PP, which means that he did very well at ES

    -Shot 16.4%, which isn't very high in that league, so he didnt shoot lights out. This indicates he wasnt riding percentages

    -People say he faded down the stretch and his only less than PPG month was indeed March. However, his shot rate remained at 4 p/g and he shot 3%. He was just incredibly unlucky that month

    A couple of minuses:

    -His faceoff percentage was under 50% (48.7%). I'm not a big faceoffs guy, but he may need to get better if he wants to remain a C.

    -He had 54 pts in 30 home games, but only 32 in 27 road games. It seems like he wasn't quite as effective when opposing coaches got the matchups they wanted

    Overall- I'm actually more encouraged after looking at this data. Seems like he did a ton of damage at ES and him fading down the stretch seems a tad exaggerated considering his shot rate remained consistent in March and even increased in the playoffs.

    His team travel a lot.. maybe it explains that his productions isn't the same...

    One thing I know is that Halifax had the worst lineup in the league... The only reason they didn't finish last is Nico Hischier.

    He played really well in a weak team.Reminds me of Sean Monahan season before the draft.

    The more I see of him the more I like.

    I would Select Nico Hischier... He got speed, skill, and he plays with an Edge.... He needs to get a little bit bigger and work on his faceoffs.

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