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  1. Quenneville is pretty good sonfar.... I believe he is an Henrique clone . So similar.
  2. is it on nhl gamcenter live? Bcause right now i cant watch...
  3. It's training camp.... He wont act like that all season long. I hope we can surprisethe NHL this year.
  4. Just bought nhl net for the whole Year!!! Finish with those streaming site. Im excited for tonight.
  5. From what i saw, Quenneville was pretty good.
  6. Actually if he is not i'll buy gamecenterice... But want to make sure before spending money.
  7. caron14

    Patrick Kane

    He is the most dangerous forward in the NHL. In the playoffs he is the best forward in the world. Cluctch shifty, e as everythin that our roster doesnt have. No way chicago trade him... If they do 28 0thers team will want him. We dont have the asset... Zacha+ severson+ a 1 round pick? We cant lose those asset right now. A 1 pick could become matthews, zacha is our only prospect who can become a star and severson could be the next niedermayer.
  8. He is the only forward who has the potential to become a superstar player.
  9. Well Boucher will never be a gamebreaker. But, i think he can become a top 6 player in the NHL. He has a lot of offensive tools, but his speed is an issue. If he plays with a great center he would puts up numbers. Problem is that we have to much player that depend on others linemate. We dont have any superstar forward that make others better. Hopefully, Zacha could become one. I love the idea of putting jj and reid on the same line.
  10. My childhood hero. But he needs to step up this year as our offensive leader.
  11. One of my favorite player. Hope he will grab his opportunity this year. One of the interesting story of this coming season.
  12. I dot hate him... Not high on him but i think he will be perfect on a third line. He and matteau on the same line would be effective.
  13. He is a good player. Complete player who plays well in every area. Would have more point i he would have better linemates. Henrique is not a superstar talent, but kind of guy that you need and is effective in tje game.
  14. Love the guys. He works hard can score from everywhere and i think kid could learn with him. Really love him.
  15. I love the fact that shero said he wants to see more of Josefson. I always love him as a player and i think he deserve a shot at top 6 minute and linemates.
  16. No way. 2012 team was really good. A younger patrik elias a great player in xach parise ( wild didnt miss the playoffs since he is there...) Ilya Kovalchuk was one o the top 5 player in the world that years. Dont forget how good 2012 team was. We dont have a bad team overall... We just dont have those wow factor players that makes you win. The lost of Kovy and parise as been deadly since they are those gamebreaker that team needs to succeed. Yes hockey is a team effor and team game, but you need those role to be filled... Toews and kane in chicago, kopitar gaborik in la, tampa have stamkos an johnson etc... We dont have any players of that caliber anymore. Bit 2012 team was really good. At least we have schneider and maybe superstar defenceman in severson. Those type of D could makes the difference as another x factor. Keith, Karlsson, doughty etc.
  17. Maybe he will... Eirher ways we will see him in preseason.
  18. Young forward playing and developing. Cant wait to see Zacha.
  19. I love alexandre Goulet as aninvitation. He knows how to steup and finish play. not a great skater...
  20. Cant wait to know what Zacha will do out there. I hope video of the scrimmage will be avalaible online.
  21. Lol so true ahah. Hope we fetch Semin
  22. Tva sport suggest that Zacha could make the team Next year.... Alain Chainey former scout for anaheim ducks suggest that... I highly doubt it. But yeah Zacha was the guy i wanted after Marner (Love rantanen too.) Chainey said that after Mcdavid and Eichel he is the most NHL Ready prospect avalaible.
  23. Love the move! Great work by shero
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