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  1. Crouse will be an effective player.... But The Devils need two superstar forward in the next 5 years to be a cup contender... Both Marner and Pavel Zacha could become superstars (even Meier). So taking Crouse would be absurd.
  2. i would hate Lawson Crouse as our pick... But i trust our organisation... if they go with him, i will live with it... IF we get Marner, i'll have some champagne to Drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I have a feeling that.... 1) they draft Zacha 2) Trade our pick for Jeff Skinner...
  4. Maybe you are right but maybe i am. I believe that this team dont need that much to be a playoff team. With a gamebreaker superstar forward they could make it. We dont have that player and Phil Kessel is that type of player like it or not. Offense and speed is our problem... Kessel bring both asset to our lineup. Bring matteau in and dump an old bot skating forward and we are going in the right way. I dont think kessel bring us to stanley cup contender.... But at least bring us to playoff.
  5. To be honest you are right in a lot of ways. Acquiring Phil Kessel would bring us to te playoffs for sure. We have to find a way to get him for the right price.
  6. 1) Marner if avalaible (no chances) Zacha, Rantanen and Barzal (in order.) 2)Paul Martin 3 years = 12 millions + Sergei Kostitsyn 3 years 6 millions. 3) Dont know the deal but even if you dont like those guy, Semin and Kessel would help us.
  7. Like i said of Mantha 2 years ago... I dont want him. I saw him play a lot in Val dor.... Some game he is good... Oter night he become a Ghost. Not a guy playing great if he dont score he become useless. Wasńt great in playoffs when the game demand more grit, more speed, less space. So never loe Mantha as a player. He had top 5 stats an was select 20.
  8. Rantane or Zacha for me!
  9. If Marner is still ther at six just take him! The kid was just awesome when i saw him. The only issue is his size. But speed, visions, hand, shooting are all elite.
  10. Barzal have great asset, bu i just feel we can draft players with similar asset in the second round. I have to give him that he was dominant at the U18. But he was playing against kid. Not a physical players and he sometimes just looking for te pass when he have to shoot. He got speed, but don't use it at the right time. And for me he is not ready for the NHL... Its a 3-4 years project for him. Rantanen is close to be an NHL er. Maybe he can start october in that league. He plays against man and was dominant at the WJC. Great skating, big body, good shot and good visions. He dont have Barzal hands, but he is better in every other area. I really love Rantanen as a player. He remembers me a lot of sasha Barkov. The last one zacha.. Well honestly i never see him plays. I saw highlight and read about him. He seems like a sniper. I saw his devasting one-times and a lot hightlight show his offensive abilities. For some reasons a lot of scout like him. Inthe reading i did they said he was good in every area, but his visions his average. Rick Nash style of player. So i think at the 6 position, Rantanen and zacha are unique asset we can have... And barzal type of asset can be found in the secound round.
  11. Strome or marner wont be avalaible at 6... My firt choice is Rantanen, but have to say that Zacha potential is sexy as hell. I will be happy with anyone of them. Barzal would be an ok pick... But everobody i'm not impress by his game.
  12. Well at least we can dream. http://www.tvasports.ca/2015/06/05/malkin-nest-pas-content
  13. Kujawinsky was really good in North Bay this year.
  14. Andrei kostitsyn is the goal scorer. Big bodie and a 2003 first round pick. He had issues where he played. Need te bo more commited to his team. His talent would help us, but i don't think he could be a core player. Sergei in the other hand was playing great for Nashville. Great effort, doesn't have issues like his brother. He don't have the skill set of his brother but he his a great playmaker. He would bring speed and playmaking to our team. Frankly i would take him with us. A low risk contract... If it dont works, good bye. But that's my opinion.
  15. Sergei Kostitsyn has been release by his KHL team. Wonder if he is coming to tje NHL or signing elsewhere in the KHL.
  16. Tvasport report that andrei Kotitsyn is in negociation with some NHL team for a one year contract.... So should we?
  17. http://www.rds.ca/vid%C3%A9os/%C3%A9ric-g%C3%A9linas-dans-l-antichambre-3.1134700 I know it french and it may not be understandable for a lot of you, but i thought i could share it anyways. 1.Gélinas talk about his game and the fact he love working with Scott Stevens. said he improve defensively in 2015. Would have to stay good defensively without hurting his offensive upside. (think he wasn't good enough offensively.) 2. Gélinas is surprise by having Shero as new Gm. He thinks lLou will let shero have the autonomy to do his job. 3.Gélinas talk a bit about Jagr and his preparation. He said he really love Elias as a player and a person. He thinks he helps young players to grow as a team. Elias is a competitive player who wants to win as a Devils. 4. He thinks they have an awesome goaltending, really good defense but a thin offense. He said Henrique is the corpse of the team offenssively. Talks about Jacob Josefson and tell that Oates and Stevens give him role. Thought Josefson plays great this season for the Devils. And more.... sorry for my english.
  18. Chill out no big deal... If he play on our third line he could be great. He is captain at a young age for some reason. Young guy with a big body. worth a shot.
  19. Don't know anything about him except he got smokes one time this year... And he was the Omsk team captain and he is a big 6,4 forward at 24 years old...
  20. Medvescak Fan ‏@ZGBearsFan 7 minil y a 7 minutesVoir la traduction According to his agent, Sergei Kalinin from Avangard Omsk #KHL to New Jersey Devils is about to happen http://rsport.ru/hockey/20150523/834107452.html …
  21. Would be ok with Boucher... But again we should have go with Bob Hartley years ago
  22. Cap wise we are in better shape... But dont fool yourself. With kovalchuk and parise we would be one of the top team in te east. And all top team will have salary issue...quite simple (great player have great paycheck!) remember that have cap space dont win you championship. It what you do it. We would be in better shape with kovy and parise even if their salary are high.
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