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  1. Next move shero resign Ryder and Havlat lol
  2. On the same logic you wouldnt take a guy that score only 12 times this year?
  3. Don't know if any of you saw him... But thought on Pavel Zacha??? never see him play so i want to know more about him... Saw some mock draft and one suggest we take him.
  4. pens lot in 5... If they are looking to trade Malkin... I want him so bad!!!!!!!!
  5. The thing about Barzal... is he score 12 goals in 44 games at the junior level.... I would love to see a more goal scoring prospect coming in Jersey. I love his game. From what i saw at the u18 he is dominant... But I Saw Rantanen being dominant at the WJC. Barzal is a better playmakers, but Rantanen have a great combination of speed,size and Skills. To me Rantanen will be Nhl ready sooner and will play on the top 6. I saw a lot of Barkov in Rantanen. I read about those two and look at games and video and to be honest i would Hate to see Rantanen with the flyers. Want him in Jersey. So i would like to knows other opinion. For you,.... Rantanen or Barzal?
  6. Except this year... Kessel production is really good
  7. That's why i'm not against a Kessel trade.
  8. Galchenyuk not good enough for 6?? I would take him... Really love his play. And i would take Kessel if we can bargain something. I have to say a number 6 overall could be a great player, but you have to consider that it could end up being nothing. I wouldn't be surprise if we get kessel (with retained salary) for pick number 6. He have a lot of year in front of him and would put us on the playoff map quickly. Rantanen, Barzal or other might become great player, but you have to admit that Kessel's production is attractive. those guy would pan out in the Nhl in 2-3 years... I think we have to try to be competitive more quickly for 2 reason., Our defense will be at his highest level in 2 seasons. Schneider would still be great in net. Boucher should have become a top 6 forward. (Matteau part of the top 9) So in my mind... I would love drafting 6. But i can understand Dealing for Kessel. Other things, i think by winning the lottery, The Oilers will try to trade one of their young stud. We need to trade a young defense... Would try to get Yakupov or RNH for sure. Thinking about the Devils next year with boucher + Matteau in and having Kessel and Yakupov up front look sexy for sure.
  9. Oh god... I dont want to get excited, but what if...???? Never know in life, but i tell you this. If the Devils win the loterry i am buying 15 Mcdavid Jersey for all familiy and friend (They root for the habs) Plz Plz Plz.... God,Santa claus or Hockey God, just help us. AMEN
  10. Really love stefan matteau too. He had a strong game! If he plays like that every night, there is no way he wont play for us next year.
  11. I love josefson. Hope he will be our third line center for a long time. Good on the pk, great speed and touch in shootout. A john madden type of player.
  12. For our second or third round pick i love anthony richard from the val dor foreurs. He is a brad marchand/gallagher type of player.
  13. I dont care... I just want us to win... Daneyko is annoying when we loose and fun when we win
  14. Your point are correct... but there is no way we are a playoffs team with simple upgrade... Our offense need vitamin. boost. A gamebreaker, a Kessel type of player... Zajac with Kessel Henrique with cammy and we have 2 dangerous duo. And become a playoff team especially with our defense and goaltending. Zajac dont get his share of point this year, but put him with a guy like kessel and we will have the old Zajac back.
  15. Trade for Kessel, sign Frolik and plays younger guys... (Thompson Boucher matteau.) I wouldnt touch to Kadri... Not a bad player, but not a star or pure skilled players.. Would cost too much.
  16. If we trade it... I wish it in a deal for kessel... I se not other avalaible players that would be our superstars.
  17. should have write good shot... not an elite one, but when he have the time his shot is hard. Not the kind of release like a kessel kovalchuk etc... but a good shot. You can have a good example of that at 5 min in the video.
  18. Not a huge fan of Barzal... Good player but dont produce that much...
  19. 1.Mikko Rantanen impress me a the WJC. He got speed, grit, great hands, touch for scoring and a great shot. His 6 foot 3 status combine with all his talent make him a tremendous prospect. Doubt he will be available at the 7 th overall, but if he will... Just Take him!!!! 2.Dylan Strome. A big and strong center from the Otters. He have skills and a great vision. Really love his puck protection (remind me a lot of Marian Hossa.) His biggest concern is his speed. Can he improve it enough to be successful in the Nhl? I love him, but to be honest our team is slow and acquiring a guy with that issue is a risk. 3. Mitchell Marner from the London Knight is a highly skilled little forward. Great speed, good hands, a touch for scoring and an awesome hockey IQ. The issues with him is his size and his defensive play. Can he bring it to the next level... I really think so. I believe he would be a great fit for us. Who’s your favorite? Do you have other name in the head? Just tell us.
  20. Chere sucks... Report that Maclean is the New coach... Talk about let Lamoriello go... Write a lot of garbage... I only follow Tom gulitty
  21. caron14

    Zidlicky to Det

    Maybe not for the end of the season... but next year he will be 39 years old... and wont be better in his own end
  22. caron14

    Zidlicky to Det

    He is 38 years old and is done... Ok to trade him. even if the return is not awesome... We have to be realistic.
  23. I want him! We have nothing offensively. We don't need leadership right now. Kessel is an elite talent and an elite player. Can score, can pass, can skate. I dont want him as a captain or a leader. But i want him to give us a certain (Kovalchuk effects.) Let Henrique Elias Zajac and cammalleri be leaders... Let Kessel be our weapon.
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