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  1. Said New Jersey were interest in Sven Andrighetto. But not sure if Bergevin want to move him.
  2. The montreal Canadiens try to bring Éric Gélinas in their squad.... The rumour has been report by a journalism of Montréal. Martin Mcguire
  3. Im prdicting havlat to chicago Or LA
  4. Renaud lavoie reports that team are interest in martin havlat.
  5. I have saw daniel sprong last week vs Val D'or... A lot of skills and an awesome release. He have an average size. He is not physical and have some defense issues ( was not really good without the puck). But he have some pure talent.
  6. Larsson play his best game last night. I hope he will build on that.
  7. To be honest i think we are not bad tonight.. We play well in our end. Our defenseman are playing well. The things is our guys who comeback like elias, ryder and havlat play badly. I cant wait to see us sell our veteran to see whitney matteau and boucher more often.
  8. Larsson is playing great tonight.
  9. I put my 5-0-1 record on the line. Living in the province of Quebec i can't stand Habs fans, so boys just win it. Montreal have a good team and a good year. But with the co coached system we never know what could happen. Not sure what our lineup would look like.
  10. I dont know why, but i cant give him to much crdit for the 2012 cup run. I think the year before Jacques Lemaire put that team on another level. They find a way to be a good team in the second strech of 2010-2011. The year after the guys were playing with confidence and knows what it takes to win with their roster. I dont hate OPete, but i thought that whoever coach that team in 2012 would have succes. I've been against a lot of his decisions, but who am i to critics a NHL Coach decision.
  11. I am 5-0-1 now in the GDT... I should continue doing others
  12. Evgeni Svechnikov would be a really good pick. He is just awesome!
  13. Big game tonight between those two! Game number 2 without Deboer and without dump and chase! Devils calls up Joe Whitney and Stefan Matteau from Albany. (one of them will play) Don't worry about the standing the playoff or Eichel/Mcdavid. Just enjoy the game! LGD Im currently 4-0-1 in GDT
  14. I think Guy Boucher will be our coach. And Stevens + oates his assistant
  15. I love how our team play ladt night. New beginning, i felt more real scoring chances , less dump and chase. Our defense will grow. I saw larsson making mistake and going back on the ice the shift after something we will never see under deboer. I will enjoy the rest of the season and actually watch game again ( i miss couple of game in december)
  16. Good thing will happen. It christmas for me today.
  17. I dont know why but i love him..,.. I will wait to see what he can bring to our team.
  18. this thread is awesome. MErry Christmas
  19. Cool No more Deboer. I can watch devils hockey once again. My speculation, Jacques Lemaire will coach our team for the end of the year. Next year Guy Bouvher is coming
  20. If he gets 20 mins a night i am already buying my mcdavid jersey.
  21. The problem is not our defense. It the fact that our forward cant stay in the offensive zone...
  22. I anxious about Connor mcdevils and jake echeil.
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