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  1. I check twitter all day and wish for a press conference!
  2. What about guy boucher as a coach? Again my first choice would always be Bob Hartley. But the way Calgary is playing there is no way he could be fired.
  3. caron14

    The Positives

    Love josefson plays. I think he qould be part of our team for a ling time as a third liner.
  4. Kessel always have good seadon. He is an unbelievable player. I would consider giving your package deal to Toronto. Even if i think it is a little too much. But i love the idea. He would be a perfect fit for us. Je main win 8 millions. But frankly he deserve it.
  5. Calgary wont be easy... Bob Hartley coach them. He is unreal. Find a way to make them win with an awfull lineup. I would have give a lot to have him as our coach.
  6. I hope Elias will get one tonight. He has chances but can't buried them. It will come.
  7. He works a lot on his game with bob Hartley in Calgary. Hartley says he is proud of the player he become under him.
  8. I was a 100% behind the cammalleri signing. Behind stastny he was the best fit for us. Deadlie shot. He skates well and he has the arrogance of a goal scorer. We are 2-0 without our captain in the lineup.
  9. Best game of the year so far for our captain
  10. Kovalchuk is our third best forward behind cammy and josefson tonight.
  11. Josefson is playing great... But we suck fire deboer
  12. On fire deboer get rid of salvador
  13. Is semin an alternative? I know the guy has been blame in his career but if se can land him in a deal for around 5.5m or 6m... I would thought about it. He would bring speed, skill to our lineup. We could have him play with zajac and jagr . I dońt hate the idea even if im not sell on semin. It highly uńikely that lou would have interest in him...
  14. True true true. When i saw him play in ottawa this year we thought he played really well. Im sure in january this thread will be garbage.
  15. Man we can be so ridiculous. Loi is doing good. Not that great lately, but you cant do anything about injury on 5 top nine forward at the same time.
  16. damn it he should start a kindergarden instead of be on our blueline. We should get Semin.
  17. Salvador intermission ! he fvcking sucks! That man think he is a superstar lol cant stand him!
  18. Im a believer... But i don't see how we can win it.
  19. I thought Elias got a lot of scoring chances... He just didn't score right. It will come. Sure thing he is not playing poorly like some of you might think or say.
  20. I watch last night highlight... that Salvador turnover on Wheeler was awful... We really have a bad player as captain. But hey we win anyway
  21. But i think puting brunner with henrique would be better than frolik... Only interesting piece is wheeler.
  22. No first pick and i would be ok with it
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