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  1. Anybody see John Madden score the winning goal in the shootout for Minnesota? Always good to see a great Devil like Madden doing well, he was/is a hard worker, gotta love him. I am a little curious as to whether Lou suggests that the players wear visors because as soon as he left NJ, he stopped wearing his visor. Not all the players wear them, but it seems that over the past few years that a few players that had never worn visors, started to, Rolston's another guy that comes to mind. Just something that I noticed a while ago and been a bit curious about.
  2. So those freebie hats they just showed look awful. The past couple years, the freebie hats were decent. The whole Devils Army thing is super lame.
  3. I vividly remember laughing at Giguere crying his pansy eyes out in '03. He definitely didn't deserve the Conn Smythe over Broduer. It was ridiculous that he didn't get it that year, but it's really not a huge deal because we got the real prize, Lord Stanley's Cup.
  4. That's unbelievable that Campbell didn't even get a fighting major for that. I mean, he was just wailing on him with his elbow pad. It's a disgrace the way the NHL is officiated and the way it hands out suspensions.
  5. ^That's absolutely laughable. People seriously need to stop even thinking about discussing a trade involving Marty. It will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER happen and if it does, it would be a great injustice to a HOF goalie who has given us a discount over his career to allow the Devils more flexibility to sign other players. Trading him would come close to making me denounce my support for this team.
  6. ^I think the Rangers thing definitely hurts him a lot, but He scored the most important goal in Devils history when he got us into the playoffs for the first time and that is what makes him a definite for number retirement imo.
  7. I'm not so sure you can make the case for retiring Brylin's number. If you put his number up there, you can really make the argument for players like Madden and a few others. I really would like to keep the amount of retired numbers to a minimum. It's supposed to be an honor, not something every hard working player gets. I really hope that people can overlook what happened this season with him as coach. Number retirement imo, shouldn't be affected by what happens after the playing career is over and MacLean was my absolute favorite player as a kid and it would break my heart if he doesn't get his number retired.
  8. ATLL765

    Lindy Ruff

    From what I've heard about Buffalo, is that they have a pretty good fanbase, at least in the city of Buffalo itself. Their average attendance has been greater than we have had in the past 10 seasons, with the exception of '02-'03, especially so over the past 4 seasons*. So I'm not so sure using that argument would do much to help attract him to NJ. It's definitely a bigger TV market than the Buffalo area though. * http://www.andrewsstarspage.com/index.php/site/comments/nhl_average_attendance_since_1989_90/118-2008-09
  9. As far as personal attacks that I've seen on here, "fvck off" isn't terribly personal, but that's beside the point. No one needs to be getting all mad about this here. We can have a conversation on whether Rolston deserves appreciation or not like adults, without swearing and name calling. This being said, Rolston really doesn't deserve much appreciation until he can show that he can put up numbers like he has for the past 10 games, consistently over the course of a season and he really doesn't have a lot of time left to do that, 30 games to be exact. The best we really can hope for is that some not too intelligent GM sees his resurgence if you want to even call it that and will pick him up at the deadline. However, this is pretty unlikely, what's far more plausible is that if he continues this play for the remainder of the season and at the start of the next one, we may be able to move him then and even then, we may need to do it by way of re-entry waivers. If Rolston can put up points at the pace .5pts/game, that's about what you'd expect for $2.5mil. I think if he can put up numbers around that pace for the rest of the season by making it to about 35 or so points by season's end, which is entirely possible, someone could definitely be willing to take him on at $2.5mil next year. Expecting anyone to take him on at full price is a long shot imo, even if he can start scoring again.
  10. When he played those games for his team in Sweden, he didn't play the full season IIRC. Did he injure himself then and was that the reason for not playing the full season or no? His stats were pretty good from the 20 something games he played for Modo in Sweden, so he might be able to be somewhat productive in the NHL again, of course relying greatly on his ability to stay uninjured.
  11. ^^Kovy really gets too predictable because of that as well. How many times have we seen him skate circles through the other team in the neutral zone only to stop 5ft into the offensive zone and have the puck poked away. All he has to do is throw it in deep and let his linemates forecheck for the puck or at least make the other team skate it out from deep in their end instead of saving them from skating it from in deep.
  12. Hedberg needs to get a new move for breakaways. I'm pretty sure he does the stack the pads and pokecheck EVERY time. It's not gonna take long for teams to realize you only have one move and then exploit it. I mean it only took Florida one game to see that same move 3-4 times and by the end of the game, they'd capitalized on that predictability and tied it up late in the 3rd. Not to put all the blame on Moose though because that was a HORRID giveaway from Kovy. Kovy needs to keep his game simple and stop looking for the fancy play every time.
  13. MacLean without a doubt deserves to have his #15 retired. Unfortunately this year I'm sure has put a sour taste in many people's mouth. I just hope it doesn't ruin all the other things MacLean has done for this team. I mean, he scored the most important goal in franchise history. If that doesn't qualify you for number retirement, what does?
  14. Moose is looking real shaky tonight. Not feeling too confident in him at the moment. Honestly think putting Marty in for the start of the 2nd might not be a bad decision. Moose is just not looking confident in himself and both goals could have been prevented with better saves. The first one was not as bad, but he looked like he was a little too far towards the near post and had he been a little stronger in kicking that rebound out, it might not have been a goal. Still, that was 80% Salmela's fault. The 2nd one was definitely a bad goal to let through the 5 hole. If he'd gotten into the butterfly quicker, it's an easy save.
  15. I feel terrible for this guy. His future looked so promising and instead of becoming the franchise goalie the Islanders expected, he's become the NHL player with the worst luck in all of history. It really might be best if he really did just retire and save himself from the constant injuries and save the Islanders from his contract. I'm sure he has enough money by now to be set for life, so that's not an issue and I'm sure they could put him on the payroll and have him do some other work with the team.
  16. He deserves to have his number retired without a doubt. Anyone who says otherwise is just 100% wrong and every reason they have for thinking the way they do is a crappy reason. Niedermayer spent many great years here and contributed to the success of this team in ways that very few players have. To deny him of this is to deny that he had that great an impact on this team and that's just plain wrong.
  17. ATLL765

    Lindy Ruff

    I'd imagine that he could have a real hard time adjusting to being with another team after being with the Sabres for SOOOO long. When you're with one team for that length of time and are so used to the way you operate there and how things work, it's definitely hard to adjust to anything different. It may be something that could hurt him if he tries his luck with another team after this season. Who knows though, maybe he's thinking he doesn't want to coach in the NHL anymore and that's why he didn't accept the contract.
  18. ^lol. That reminded me of this girl in my high school history class who tried to sound smart by making a political statement about former Pres. Bush and the war in Afghanistan by saying we weren't going to just march in and stop the fighting in the middle east, which(according to her) has been going on for millions of years...lol. That post was obviously not that outrageously dumb, he probably meant to press the 9 and got the 8 key instead, but it reminded me of that girl.
  19. While Taormina definitely played above and beyond what all of thought he would, he wasn't exactly the greatest in his own end. He was definitely adept on the offensive side of the puck, but his defensive game left a lot to be desired imo. So while him coming back will be a boost for the team, I think in his absence, some here may have over glorified his defensive play in their minds and are setting themselves up to be disappointed when he comes back and our defense isn't any better. Especially with the fact that his injury will most likely leave him rusty and in need of a few games to get back into 100% game shape and then a few more to be back into a comfortable groove with his play. Basically, when he gets back it will help the team, but in no way is his presence going to make theis D corps substantially more sound in it's own end. I think the best we can hope for is that he comes back and he gets our PP back into a groove and can really help us win some games.
  20. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. If can't handle getting hit and possibly hurt, don't play hockey. I agree that the NHL is terribly inconsistent with the way it enforces just about all of it's rules, but I can't stand to hear Crosby whine about people not being punished for for hitting him when he's hit people with a cheapshots several times in the past without punishment and he's gotten WAY more than his fair share of calls go his way when they were questionable or could go either way. Bottom line, 99 times out of 100, he gets the better end of the deal, so does he really need to cry about the 1 in 100 where he doesn't?
  21. Leblond dodged nice swing at 2:26. Looked like that one would've hurt if it landed.
  22. ATLL765


    I would say this: Parise: 35-45G 40-45A 75-90PTS Kovalchuk: 40-50G 35-45A 75-95PTS Elias:20-25G 40-50A 60-75PTS To play on the top 2 lines I expect a player to put up at the very least 50pts no matter what their salary is. So assuming we weren't the train wreck we are this season and we had a normal year, I'd have expected Arnott and Langs to put up 50+pts. Elias and Zajac to hit 60+pts. Parise and Kovy to get 75+pts. Zubrus is odd because eh's not really a top 6 guy, but is better than most bottom 6 guys, so if he got top 6 minutes most night, I'd expect him to get around 45-50pts.
  23. I really think that all this team needs to be a competitive team is a center that works well with Kovy and a defenseman who can make the first pass out of our zone and run the point on the PP. I believe this can be accomplished this offseason. I think that we can use picks to trade for one or both those players or sign UFAs to fill those slots. According to capgeek, we will have $9,124,168 in cap space assuming we don't acquire any players by then. If you add Salvador's $2.9 mil into that because I don't think he'll return to the NHL, that amounts to $12,024,168. If you believe what they say about the cap next year and they do raise the cap ceiling, we may have another 1-3 million to play with. Lets assume they raise it $2 million to put it in the middle of those predictions. So now we have $14,024,168 to work with next season assuming we have not traded away anyone who is signed through next season and don't acquire anyone who is. Hopefully Zach will resign before this summer and I believe he will do so for a cap hit of around $6-6.5 million. I don't think he'll ask to be higher paid than Kovy, but I think he will get as much as Elias is, so this puts him between 6 and 6.5. Again, we'll place in in the middle at $6.25 million for the purposes of this speculation. Now we have $7,774,168 left, which is not bad, but we still need to resign Zharkov and replace Arnott, Mair and Sestito. We should resign Zharkov. He gets $850k, $250k of which is in bonuses right now. Lets say he resigns for the same amount for next year and we either resign Mair+Sestito, bring in UFAs, find someone in the system or a combo of that for $500-600k each. So that's $850k for Zharkov and another $1.1 for two 4th liners for a total of $1.9mil. Now we have $5,874,168 left. Time for a D man. So we sign a UFA d man for $2.5(don't ask me who, but I'm sure it's not out of the realm of possibility to do so) to play on the 2nd pairing. I think we can find a guy for this kind of money and have him be solid on the 2nd pairing. Now all that's left is $3,374,168 for a Centerman and to resign some D that hit RFA or UFA at the end of the season. Greene, Corrente, Taormina, Salmela and Fraser's contracts are all up, so we need to resign a few of them. Greene I don't think will be around at this point, but I think the rest will. 2 of these guys will have to be on the NHL roster since they'd be the 7th and 8th dmen. I think all these guys other than Corrente can be had for less than $750k. So lets say we get Tao for $600k, Salmela for $700k, Corrente for $900k and Fraser for $600k. Only two of these guys make the roster, so lets assume it's Tao and Salmela for now, though Corrente could bump out either one depending on his play. Salmela+Tao is $1.3mil total. Now we have $2,074,168 left for another center. A bit tight, but I think we can find someone for $2mil or less, it could even be Arnott if he'll take that type of money, though we could play Elias at center and use this money on a RW instead, so that would make our roster look like this: Parise-Zajac-Tedenby Kovy-UFA-Elias (possibly switch the UFA and Elias) Prospect-Josefson-Clarkson (Palmieri or Zharkov could fit in on this line as replacements for Clarkson if they're not already the LW here) Rolston-Pelley-UFA (Clarkson would drop to the 4th line and so could the LW from the 3rd line if they're play drops off) Elias could easily be the 2nd line center and we could so acquire a center or RW via trade at the draft using picks gained from trading Arnott and Greene, so that line is a big ?. Volchenkov-Tallinder White-UFA Salmela-Taormina (Corrente can be used to replace either of these guys if they're play is subpar) This doesn't look awful to me. The defense could be better, but Corrente and Taormina I think could improve a lot and move up on the depth chart and handle 2nd pairing minutes, Salmela is also a bit of a wildcard as to how he'll fit in. If the team looks like this and the UFAs brought in are productive players, I think we'll have a shot at the playoffs. Maybe not a top 4 seed, but definitely could make the playoffs. Also who know what happens at the draft, we might grab a true star that's NHL ready and can fill one of our holes for dirt cheap.
  24. ATLL765

    David Clarkson

    I think Clarkson has really suffered from the injury last year. He's seemed to have a lot more problems skating, not that he was a great skater before he got hurt, but it seems since then he has been a worse skater. The past week or so, he has looked better. He has the goals he put up, but he seemed to be moving up the ice quicker and throwing a few more hits than he had been. He also hasn't been out of position nearly as much as he had been earlier this season. I definitely believe that he benefits greatly from having Lemaire around. He seemed to be able to get Clarkson to play better than we all thought he could play. Under Lemaire last season, he appeared to be on pace to score about 20 goals and 20 assists and that's certainly the best anyone could ever hope to get out of Clarkson. Though with the injury to his ankle last year, I think he'll never be quite as strong on the puck as he was because I feel like he's not as confident in the strength of that ankle. He seems to be more hesitant to carry the puck through the zone like he used to, he barely fights anymore and this leads me to believe that he is concerned that doing those things might cause him to re-injure that ankle That's my 2 cents on Clarkson.
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