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    I agree that Tallinder would be better paired with a stay at home D-man than Greene. I feel like now that Volchenkov is back and White should be playing Wed, that we have 2 fairly solid and experienced pairings. I imagine we have A-train-Greene then Talinder-White or some combo of that as the top 4 and Taormina as #5, but getting lots of PP time, then we can hide whoever is the 6th D-man a bit more easily and without having to overplay everyone else as much. Maybe if Taormina's defensive game improves, he can challenge for more time and possible edge out Greene if his play doesn't improve. Either way, having Volchenkov back helps us a lot in providing relief to the defense in TOI for the guys who really shouldn't be out there as much as there are.
  2. I had read a while ago that the few games Albany is playing down in AC is to test the waters for possible moving the Trenton Devils there and moving Albany to Trenton. Do anyone of you guys feel like this is even a slightly realistic possibility? From what I heard, the previous minor league team that played in AC didn't draw too many fans, so I'm not sure that having another one will rekindle the area's interest. I also imagine most people in that area are Flyers faithful and wouldn't want to see a Devils affiliate even if they are interested in hockey.+ Trenton isn't too far from where I am and I'd be far more interested in seeing our AHL affiliate than seeing the Trenton Devils. Nothing against the TDevs, I'd just be more excited to see players that I recognize and will much more likely could be part of big club in the near future.
  3. Ok, so basically we don't have to move anyone around to keep the roster as is when Rolston gets back and we'd still have enough to call up an additional player at about minimum salary. I believe JJ is still counting against the cap at the moment, so I imagine we'd be able to send him down and gain whatever his salary is worth in extra space as well, so that'd probably allow room for 2 players to be called up that are being paid league minimum or slightly more. I don't think that's too bad then. I guess our real problems will come when Salvador comes back...whenever that is. At that point we will need to clear however much his prorated salary will be minus whatever space we have from Parise still being on LTIR. What exactly will be Parise's cap hit when he gets back? Is it his 3.125-minus the salary made while he was out? Or does he come back at a prorated salary for whatever is left in the season. This is all a bit confusing to me. I would imagine his cap hit would be prorated for whatever amount of the season is left+amount of the season played before being put on IR, which would be 1.57mil, so that would be the amount we'd need to have cleared by the time he returns. All this would be possible via trade, but if nothing is open, we could waive Zubrus, which would give us some space and if he's claimed, would give us 3.4 mil to play with the following 2 years as well. Although I don't believe just waiving Zubrus would give us enough room at that point, but all this math is making my head spin, so I could be wrong.
  4. The Rolston situation really needs to be addressed. Does anyone have the numbers on what our cap situation will look like once he gets back? Right now we have Rolston, Salvador and Salmella on LTIR and soon Parise will be there too. According to capgeek, we have $7,781,523 in cap relief due to players on LTIR, once Parise is on there, it will be 10mil+, I'm not sure exactly how much because I'm not sure if they prorate the cap number for LTIR, which I imagine they do. Either way the number will be right around 10mil give or take 500k. But once Rolston gets back, we lose a lot of that relief, so I'd like to know exactly what we'd be looking at once he gets back.
  5. I really feel like Parise wants to be a Devil for a long long time. He has been groomed to be a leader on this team and a potential captain. Many of the players have said that he's a leader and that when Brodeur is gone, that he will be the face of the franchise. If all these people have been saying these things, I just feel like it would be a complete shock to see him walk away from this team. I not only feel confident that he will stay, but I believe he realizes that asking for a contract that would result in more than 7mil cap hit would handcuff this team for a long time with Kovy being here at the price he is, not to mention the Vanderbeek may not want to spend another 100mil either. I think that he will resign long term and for a cap hit between 5.5-6.5mil. I'm really hoping he'll give us a good discount and sign for 5.5mil with the hopes of allowing the team more leeway to sign better players in order to stack the team for a cup run, but anything up to 6.5mil would be fine by me. If the contract would make his cap hit more than 7mil, I'm not so sure that he's worth it. Parise works very hard, is a great player and also it a leader on this team, he has never scored 50+ goals or topped 100pts and usually players with cap hits of 7+mil are players that can do this. Parise may do this at some point, but I don't think he's a guy that can do it with any regularity. He's not a very big player and gets by more so on his work ethic than his talent. This in no way is meant to take away from how great a player he is, I just don't believe he's worth more than 6.5-7mil, so if it comes down to it, I would let him walk if he wants that much money.
  6. I agree that if you're so damn sure this team is hopeless, you should put up or shut up. You're a whiny little bitch and a fair weather fan if there ever was one. No one here wants to hear you cry anymore. Go cry to your mommy, maybe she'll actually care....or maybe she doesn't and that's why you whine on here so damn much.
  7. No true fan should have given up on our team this early. Worse yet, you root for another team in our division when things get bad?!?!?!?! I know the isles have sucked for a while and haven't posed a threat, but that's cold. Though if the Devils get eliminated from the playoffs, I will only care even the slightest about hockey if the Ducks are still in contention and that's only because I'm a child of the 90's and my mite hockey team was named the Mighty Ducks, so don't judge me.
  8. I know this is a bit off topic, but who was the player who bit one of the Devils on the hand. I think Zajac was the one who was bit and if I remember it correctly he needed several stitches because of it. I mean how hard must you have to bite somebody to get through those gloves? At the least he must have bit through the leather on the underside of the gloves. That really stuck out to me as an oddity when I heard about that happening.
  9. ATLL765


    I feel like there's 3 criteria for having a number retired and they are: 1. Stats as in goals, assists, +/-, etc. 2. Loyalty/length of tenure with team and how and why the player left the team if they left before the end of career 3. Leadership qualities as in locker room presence, role on team as leader, playoff performance(I put this here, but it also goes with #1, I just put it here because the playoffs are completely different for a team and someone who shows up in the playoffs will prove how the playoffs are what really matters compared to the regular season), clutch plays, example set on ice. Stevens: 1. In NJ Regular season: 956 GP, 93 Goals, 337 Assists, 430 Points, +282, 1,007 PIM. Playoffs: 153 GP, 17 Goals, 45 Assists, 62 Points. 3 Cups with NJ. 2. Played from 91-92 through 03-04 in NJ and retired a Devil. 3. Don't really need to explain this to any members on this board, I think we all know how he meets this criteria. Niedermayer: 1. In NJ Regular season: 892 GP, 112 Goals, 364 Assists, 476 Points, +172, 478 PIM. Playoff: 146 GP, 16 Goals, 47 Assists, 62 Points, 100 PIM. 3 Cups with NJ(4th with Ducks) 2. Played in NJ from 92-93 through 03-04. Retired from Anaheim after 09-10 Season. 3. Definitely a Leader when he was in NJ. Was captain for a period of time. I don't think anyone could argue that he was a leader while he was with NJ. So this being said, in the regular season he put up .53pts/game to the other Scott's .45pts/game during his tenure with NJ. In the playoffs he put up .43pts/game compared to .41pts/game. Stevens +/- was a lot better than Niedermayer, Stevens was a defensive defenseman, while Nieds was more of an all around guy who put up better numbers offensively than Stevens and the +/- is affected by Nieds playing less games. All in all these numbers are pretty close, so I'd say he meets criteria #1. He played in NJ for 12 seasons, which is 1 less than Stevens did, so I'd say again, he meets criteria #2. For #3 things are harder to say because so much of this is intangibles that us fans don't always get a glimpse of. Stevens definitely had it and it was obvious, but Niedermayer may not have been the clear leader on the team at any point, but how much of that is because Stevens was that for so long, so how much of his leadership capabilities went unused or unnoticed because of this? Who knows. I say he meets the 3rd criteria as well because if he was named captain at one point by the team, he must have been a respected leader. Bottom line: He should have his # retired, but no way it should happen this early. He just retired last year and there's more deserving candidates that should be taken into consideration first. The best example being John MacLean, he scored the goal that put us in the playoffs for the first time and was the teams first homegrown star. Guys that have been out of the game longer like MacLean has that put in so much time for this team should get their # hung up in the rafters way before a guy that just retired last year does. Sorry for the novel everyone, but I hope this makes it easier for everyone use hard numbers(Though intangibles make up a lot of why a guy's # should be retired) to compare Niedermayer as a candidate compared to Stevens who already has his # up there.
  10. ATLL765


    For me the fact that he retired a Duck makes it a tougher decision. Had he retired a Devil, without a doubt he should have his number hanging in the rafters, but his reason for leaving for Anaheim was acceptable to me and while it hurt to see him go, I wasn't bitter about it. That being said, I feel there's a couple other guys that should get their numbers hung up there before #27 does. Personally I feel like JMac should have his # up there, but he did play for the Rags for a bit and it's not a possibility until Langs is gone. Anyone have any thoughts on who else should have their # retired?
  11. Maybe they could set up the lines like this: Parise-Zajac-Langs Kovy-Pelley/Mair-Zubrus Elias-Arnott-Clarkson Mair/Pelley-Josefson-Sestito(this would allow Josefson to have easier ice time and allow him to grow his defensive game a little more and not have as much pressure to produce offensively) I like the idea of Zubes and Kovy together, but I think Elias could set him up with nice passes too, but he could easily be placed back with Arnott and put Mair or Pelley in the center position instead. Also Clarkson could be put on the 4th line if his play isn't up to par, but I think he played well in the last game, so maybe he'll keep working hard and earn the ice time. I just feel like Zajac and Parise should not be seperated, they've played so well together in the past and I think that they have chemistry together that is akin to Patty and Arnott(not so much this year, but maybe they'll reignite that flame soon) My question for everyone is where do you think Rolston fits into the picture when he comes off LTIR? Do you think he will play at the RW position? I can't see him being in LW spot on line 1-3 unless he's playing really well and Patty becomes completely invisible. Maybe he plays RW on a line of Elias-Arnott-Rolston and Clarkson gets dropped down to the 4th line and Josefson gets assigned to Albany unless he gets hot all of a sudden.
  12. NTC aren't terrible things, they can be valuable negotiating chips for signing players. If a player has a family, kids, there's no way they will want to uproot their family and remove their kids away from friends and it's also good for their kids to have that stability at home. These things could be worth more than money to players and someone who might have wanted lets say 4 mil on the UFA market might resign for 2.5-3 just for the knowledge that they won't have to uproot their family for as long as the contract is in effect. Not to mention if a player is resigning with a successful team they may want the NTC/NMC so they know they won't get traded to a sh!tty team. These things are intangibles in contract negotiations and potentially save clubs money by providing stability in their career. That being said, these players can't just play hard until they get this contract, then give up.
  13. And it only took 17 posts to get an response that actually was on topic.....but I'd agree that he wouldn't have added much except maybe throw a few hits here and there with his added size compared to our comparatively small checking line of Mair, Sestito, Pelley/Clarkson. Besides adding size, he's nothing to write home about.
  14. Who's your super secret source on this one???? What players do you think are oh so anxious to get to the end of their contracts and ditch the Devils for another team?? If Parise(which is who I'm assuming you're talking about here as he's the biggest player that is up to be resigned) doesn't stay with the Devils and give us a discount on him in order to help the team have more flexibility on signing other players that will help win the Cup, then fvck him. If he's not the team player I think he is and doesn't stay here for less than he would get on the FA market, then I don't want him on the team anyways. Devils players are supposed to care more for the team and how they can win Lord Stanley's Cup than getting their big payday and if Parise doesn't buy into that type of thinking, he's no real Devil.
  15. LOL, but you're 100% right on this one. The D is almost completely new. Only Green and White were here last season and to a much much lesser extent Corrente and Fraser, Volcheckov and Tallinder are new to the team and Corrente, Urbom, Fraser, Taormina, Magnan are all basically rookies although Corrente and Fraser have a little NHL experience prior to this season. So we really do have a bunch of strangers playing together on defense right now and it certainly doesn't help that our #1 D-man is out with a "stiff neck" that's clearly the worst stiff neck ever suffered by a human. I'm going to try to not panic about our play on defense until Volchenkov comes back and we find out the fate of Salvador when he comes back off LTIR. If we figure a way to keep Salvador on the roster, I feel like our defense would look pretty good with a top 4 of Volchenkov, Tallinder, White and Salvador, plus Green and Salmella/Taormina/other rookie D-man as the 6th man. I'd feel a lot more comfortable with our D if this was the case seeing as we'd only then have 1 rookie and I just don't feel safe with Green in the top 4 after have only 1 real good season. Obviously this may not be the case and Salvador may not get back on our roster, but I'd even like to see Salmella get the chance to play when he gets back because I liked his play when he was on the team because he has a decent offensive upside and his defensive play wasn't too bad if I remember correctly. I'd like to know what other people think we should do with Salvador when he comes off LTIR because at this point I'd take him on the roster over Zubrus solely because of how bad of defense is even though Zubes has been playing really hard out there, making plays happen, but he can't seem to finish to save his life. I just feel like our need for a solid D-man greatly outweighs our need for Zubes on offense at the moment. Without Zubes I feel like lines looking like this wouldn't be too bad as long as Langs would revert to how he was playing last year on the top line: Parise-Zajac-Langs Volchenkov-Tallinder Kovalchuk-Josefson-Elias Salvador-Green Rookie/Rolston-Arnott-Clarkson White-Taormina Pelley-Sestito-Mair Arnott and Josefson are interchangeable based on their play and Clarkson and Pelley could alternate between the 3rd and 4th line based on their play as well. I'm not real sure who I'd bring up to play LW on the 3rd line, but I'm sure somebody in Albany would love to take that spot maybe Palmieri, Tedenby, or Zharkov(if he hasn't returned to Russia as speculated by some) and it can't hurt at this point to give someone that chance until Rolston returns and if their play is good enough, I'd be willing to put them on the 2nd line and knock Patty down to the 3rd line if his play doesn't improve. With the D looking the way I have it there(not sure who prefers LD/RD, so that can be righted by someone else) I feel like the D corps is far more solid than it is now, which is a something that I'd be willing to sacrifice Zubrus for. Anyone agree? Disagree?
  16. I'm pretty sure the Bruins have close to no cap space and the only little bit they have is due to players on LTIR, so unloading a bad contract of our's on them is not going to happen and Andrew Ference has a cap hit of 2.25mil, so anything we send out would have to be equal to or less than that. Our only options for trades are going to be teams with a bit of cap space to work with, not teams that are just as stuck with the cap as we are. Anyone please correct me if I'm missing something, but according to CapGeek, the Bruins only have like 1.8mil in space and it's from the LTIR.
  17. Lets please not start THAT^^^argument. Once you get a conspiracy theorist started, they won't ever shut up....
  18. Thank god I bothered to check my e-mail. I NEVER check it and i remembered I entered that contest so I thought I should check. I was like wtf, that's not possible. I now have money to pay off a mvc surcharge and not have my license suspended wooo!!
  19. I got an e-mail saying I won two for saturday's game. I almost don't believe it. I thought only sth won any devil's contests.
  20. I have one thing to say about this and that is to say Marty's skills are declining is reasonable and no one should have expected this to not be happening at his age, but to say we, instead of starting Marty, should have started a career AHL goalie with absolutely no real NHL experience beyond that stretch where he filled in while Marty was hurt is absolutely a ridiculous and outrageous statement. To say that is truly heresy and an attack on all that is the Devils. You can't possible say something to a true Devil's fan that would incite more rage and anger than something like that. How could you have expected to get any other types of responses than those of people saying you're retarded when you said the things you did. In my eyes and what I think every true Devil's fan should believe is that Lou is God and Marty is the second coming of Christ. To say such heretical things against the church of the Devil should garner the type of responses you got. I'm a fan, good times or bad, but everyone needs to chill out about everything going on this season. It's only 6 games and everyone wants to trade our captain, Devils lifer Elias, and bench Marty. You're all retarded for thinking such things. Stfu and watch how this season gets turned around real fast and you're all saying gee wiz, Marty at his age is still the best and blah blah blah blah. If the season doesn't get turned around, well I guess we'll see who are the true fans and who were only the fair weather types. Oh and Ungar, that justintv feed you watched, no one liked you there because you were being a troll and saying retarded sh!t. Be dumb and you will be treated as such.
  21. Are you kidding me? 5 games in and you're throwing the guy under the bus? Why don't we trade Parise while we're at it because that slacker has only scored 1 goal in 5 games, what a BUM. The guy plays a role that no one else on this roster I can see filling. He fights, he isn't afraid of anyone, he works hard, and has improved his game each and every year he's been here to now be a guy capable of 30-40pts. I'd ten times rather keep Clarkson than Zubrus. Zubrus puts up 3rd line point totals for 2 line money. 3.4mil is far too much for a guy who can't put the puck in the net to save his life. He protects the puck and battles on the boards like no other, but he doesn't convert that into successful plays. Last year Clarkson put up nearly identical numbers as Zubrus and he played a few less games, so using that to judge, which is imo is a better sample to judge each player by, Clarkson is the at least as productive a player as Zubrus for $700k less. I don't want to hear the arguement that Clarkson has disappeared in the playoffs because the whole team has disappeared in the postseason lately and Zubrus' good play hasn't led the team anywhere in the postseason, so that isn't doing us much either. I think everyone here who's trying to trade away anyone and anything needs to chill out. Our cap situation is temporarily relieved and I think we can give all the players a good 3-4 weeks to play before we need to make tough decisions and at that point if someone is under performing, they should be the one to get waived or traded.
  22. Bergfors sucked. Why do any of you guys like this deal? Bergfors was completely irresponsible on defense and that's the last thing we need now. Clarkson plays a role that no one else in the roster could fill if we didn't have him. Pelley is probably the closest, but he's not shown that he has the offensive game that Clarkson has and he's a few inches shorter as well. Clarkson may be $700k or so overpaid, but if he continues to improve, it's money well spent. Plus, do we really need to bring in another scoring winger? I thought that's the one place we're ok in, we need to find defensive minded forwards(I haven't seen enough of Mair to really judge if he's a good solution to that issue), a Zubrus replacement at half the price and a solid dman on the cheap.
  23. I like these choices for the call ups. I think Corrente is definitely an improvement on D over Fraser who seems to love making retarded cross ice passes out of our zone that are easily intercepted. Josefson is a guy I'm really excited to see, but he may not dazzle everyone in his first few NHL games, so I'm trying to keep my expectations low for him. Although I expect him to put a few points up, as long as he's responsible defensively and doesn't hurt us when he's out there, I'll be happy. I think the reasons why Sestito got the nod over Tedenby, is that we really need a good checking line, not a guy who's defense and backchecking abilities are questionable. I'd love to see Tedenby get called up at some point this year, but I think he absolutely needs the time in the AHL to get bigger, stronger and to whipped into shape as far as his defensive game is concerned. Also, I don't think we'd have room to put Tedenby in the situations where he'd be useful. We don't have room on the 3rd line to fit him and having him on the 4th line isn't where he needs to be. I do feel like if he was put on the PP, he'd be a good fit there just based on the fact that he can deke like no other and that would help us when working the puck down low on the PP, which is something I don't see our PP ever do...
  24. I'd have to agree that his skating and balance is his weak spot. He definitely has an issue with being pushed over way too easily when skating with the puck or falling over, etc. I don't know why this is though seeing as he must have pretty strong legs to stay on his feet during fights at times, so I don't know if it's a balance issue when he's moving at speed rather than just standing still in a fight or what. I think for a 3rd liner, he is capable of putting up good numbers and still being a decent enough player all around.
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