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  1. I think it would have some impact since Mom and Pop places would likely purchase more local meats and produce than a chain restaurant would. How much of an impact that would have is debatable though. To comment on chain restaurant: I pretty much avoid them at all costs. Most of them manage to not fvck food up, but they're all mediocre at best. That and they're all basically the same in their menu options and theme/decor. They're a notch above fast food places imo. The cheesecake factory is the worst imo, their menu is gigantic, but everything is loaded with salt and just far too richly seasoned or sauced. Applebees isn't fat behind them, but that's more due to their crappy food than it's preparation. Their steaks are particularly sh!tty. That being said, I do like Outback steakhouse, but I consider that a guilty pleasure, lol. I really like their buffalo wings for some reason.
  2. It's not that big of a deal, but it would have been more appropriate to name it after the region it was found or a distinguishing characteristic of the wasp. It's pretty lame to have named a newly discovered species after an athlete.
  3. Actually, I believe it goes "like *insert pronoun* needs another hole in the head". How's that for nitpicking? lol
  4. Most of his points are ES since he doesn't get PP time but I don't really see him as having the offense skill to put up more than ~30 points in a season. He's never going to get time on the 1st PP unit with Severson around, especially since his shot isn't good enough to be a real threat, which is the only way I see him ever putting up .5ppg.
  5. He'd been a healthy scratch in Montreal recently. He only has 3 points in his last 25 games after putting up 13 in his first 25. Similar numbers to Ryder. If Bergenheim is worth a 3rd, Ryder should be too...or at least a 4th. I'm not familiar enough with Bergenheim to know if he's a better two way player than Ryder, although I imagine it's hard not to be, lol.I really think it'd be beneficial to put him back in the lineup or his value will decrease if GMs start to think Lou will just give him away for anything if he isn't ever in the lineup. This also makes it pretty much a sure thing that Jagr will bring back at least a 2nd rd pick, if not a 2nd+prospect or a conditional 1st.
  6. Yes, remember the controversy a few years over the Newark superintendent of public schools? He was getting a salary of something like $200k+ and then huge bonuses that could boost it to over $300k not for actually raising grades or test scores, but rather to only create a plan for doing so.There was a couple other performance bonuses that were obviously written to be impossible not to be accomplished, but just to make it so they could list his salary as being lower than it would end up. That backfired big time though. Only in NJ, right? lol
  7. I disagree. He hasn't looked gassed at the end of games like Sykora did in 11-12, his skating is still great and he's a pass first guy, a skill that doesn't fade nearly as quickly as goal scoring.I'm not saying give him a 3/10 deal or anything, but I'd take him back on a 1/2.5 or maybe a 2/4 deal. That's a low enough cap hit that it won't kill us with all the deals coming off the books this summer. He didn't get paid per game, he had a standard deal for $700k that was prorated for the number of days he was on the roster though.It was just that on top of that, he had bonuses that gave him an extra $10k for each point earned with him in net and a reported $125k bonus for being on the roster on 2/1 and another if he was there on 3/1. We could certainly give Gomez a contract with GP bonuses, but he's had a much better year than Marty did in his previous season, so he can probably get a more standard contract with another team if all we offer is a 1 year, sub $1M deal with GP bonuses, unless the bonuses are something like $500k for hitting the 40 game mark and another $500k for getting to 65-70GP.
  8. It's much better than before, but I think they're still missing a true shutdown guy that eats big minutes. They're not near the top of the league in shot suppression iirc.
  9. I don't think that the cap is the issue either unless we're talking about a team that's basically capped out. I'm not suggesting that teams should put veteran skill players, but rather young guys on ELCs, that usually sit in the minors being passed over for a call up because they don't fit the typical mold of the 4th line energy forward.
  10. We're not picking in the top 5. I'm pretty sure it'll be a pick somewhere between 6-8. I don't think we could do anything to finish lower than Carolina, Edmonton, Arizona, Buffalo or Toronto.It's possible that we'll even manage to stay ahead of Ottawa with 58 points and Columbus with 56 points in the standings too, but at least those teams have 3 and 2 games in hand respectively. I don't think we'll catch any of the other teams in the western conference, so I think the lowest we'll pick is 8th.
  11. I think that's the one real big inefficiency. NHL coaches see bottom 6 players as needing to fit a certain mold of being big and/or tough grinder types. They're less inclined to put an offensively creative, but less defensively responsible player there out of the way things have been done in having a dedicated checking type of line. Tampa has a 4th line that defies this a bit with Brett Connolly on there. Vancouver having Horvat on their 4th line is a bit of a departure from the norm too. I think this is an area where a team could really gain an advantage if they can ice a 3rd or 4th line of more skilled players that, while less adept defensively, could beat the typical lesser skilled 4th lines of most teams.
  12. If his first couple months were better or if he got some rest, he might have a save % of .930+.
  13. Maybe Carolina would take Zubrus and retain something like 30% of Semin's salary. What is he getting again, like $7M? I'd be ok if it got under $5M.
  14. Even though they're all only backup quality goalies, there's been a high number of soft goals. The first two on Vancouver were atrocious. Khudobin looked like swiss cheese.What does everyone think the odds are of Cammalleri hitting 30 goals? He's seemingly the only guy who can score ENG. A couple weeks ago, I'd have said no, but he's only 8 goals away now.
  15. All 20 fans, lol. This game is getting hard to watch. Might switch to Citizenfour on HBO.
  16. I think there's quite a bit of luck at play here. We've seen some really weak goals in the past few games. Both goals tonight were bad, especially the Gomez goal.
  17. Not sure why, but I find the wave to be really lame, really, really lame.
  18. Jesus fvcking christ, they're gonna win 4 in a row. Wtf is wrong with this world?
  19. Can we argue something less contentious? Maybe abortion or global population control?
  20. I doubt that. Tikhonov will be a ufa on July 1st, so if Lou is interested, might as well wait. Might be an interesting pickup if he'll take a shorter term deal at a reasonable price.
  21. No one's gonna argue that he's having a good year, it's just that seemingly overnight his shot rate plummeted even though his FF%...er sorry, his USAT%? similar to what it has been the rest of his career.
  22. I have to agree that it's disappointing. If they were doing something new here it'd be one thing, but all the necessary data has already been collected and sorted. They just needed to copy it over to their site and not fvck up the interface, yet they failed in doing that. The NHL shouldn't be applauded for doing the bare minimum, even if that's a big step, relative to other NHL decisions.
  23. Pretty sure I've seen more games than goals in the last two years. Seen 2-3 shutouts in 8 games I think. It puts a damper on the fun for sure.
  24. Never underestimate the stupidity of other people. I do see your point though.
  25. He's got 3 left after this year. I'd take him at anything under $5M. Even last season he still had 42 points in 65 games. The only truly concerning thing is that his shot output has gone from 3+ per game to just over 1 shot per game. He had 210 in 65 games last year. He has 41 in 34 this year. His GF% is 43.6% as opposed to 53.7% last year. That coupled with the the save percentage when he's on the ice dropping to .884 from .928 last year doesn't help him look any better. However, his FF% is right in line with what it has been in the past at 54.3%.
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