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  1. Caught part of the Edmonton vs. Medicine Hat game. Baddock actually looked pretty good. Played center on the 2nd line. He's big too. He scored a nice goal where he created space for himself and sniped a nice shot top shelf on the short side.
  2. Personally,I get drunk at the bar, then maintain my buzz, stupidly, with $9 beers. I hate myself for paying that the next day when I check my cash supply... As for restrictions...that's not feasible. How can you stop a person from just going to different vendors? Will they buy license scanners and scan it each time? That seems like a bit much.
  3. But they still insist on sending me a bunch of stupid notifications on my cell phone about it...
  4. Ugh. Here comes Cory for the next 30 25 games....unless they really want to tank and throw Clemmer in there...
  5. Eh. Both the Canes defenseman chased Tootoo, so Greene was wide open.
  6. Kerfoot seems to be the only guy exceeding expectations, though by your reports, Jacobs might be another one. Kerfoot's injury and limited number of games played concern me a bit. I'm not sure what his chances are at becoming an NHL player as just looking at his and Travis Zajac's draft seasons in the BCHL, Travis tore up that league to the tune of nearly 2ppg and Kerfoot posted a more pedestrian 1.3ppg. Do you think he turns pro next year though or do they let him percolate in college a bit longer.
  7. Seems like the whole team is in a major slump right now. Boucher, Matteau and even Scarlett has been quiet lately. Been a while since I recall seeing him post a point.
  8. Wow, yeah, that was pretty bad. Just slips under his stick. Absolute and total brain fart.
  9. Vancouver looked bad tonight and Lack looked even worse on the first two goals.
  10. Part of it is size since all things being equal, taking the bigger player is a safer choice. In addition to that, when our biggest need is a top center, size is an even bigger factor. Not a lot of guys under 6' playing center in the NHL.Many scouts have Marner pegged as a RW and Strome as a center, so again, I think that's the more important need to address via the draft. You can find a RW elsewhere, but you'll never find a top center.
  11. I think Greene will age better than expected. He doesn't have a ton of miles on him for a guy his age.
  12. I agree that it's great that the NHL wants to be the place to go for all NHL stats, but what was the point of changing the names of the stats? That's just confusing imo, but maybe it's a legal issue where they needed a reason to say it's proprietary. The big innovation is the real-time tracking though. It'll be a revolution to know exactly when the puck is being possessed by a player, for how long and the length of time a player needs in possession to generate a shot attempt. It may also make it easier to identify areas to shoot from on specific goalies that give you better chances of scoring.
  13. Franson just went for a 1st. I don't understand why anyone thinks that Zidlicky wouldn't garner at least a low 2nd. Makes no sense to me.
  14. At the same time, taking the first offer you get may mean you're losing value. I sold some stuff on craigslist a while ago and got an offer of $250. I said no and he ended up offering $375. It works both ways.
  15. Strome is definitely the guy I want. I'm really hoping he's still there at 6-8 when we pick. I'd throw an extra pick at a team just above us if it meant we could have Strome. His brother is very talented and Dylan has better numbers this year than Ryan put up in his draft year. I really think he'll be a top 6 center.
  16. Their defense is soooo bad and will be for years. lol.
  17. If true, that's just stupid. Why act that way? I'm all for a little heckling and I think opposing players understand it, but when it gets vulgar or violent, then it's unacceptable.
  18. I agree with this. The defense as a whole is no better than it was under DeBoer either. We're giving up a nearly identical amount of shots per game. I think when Severson comes back,I leave Larsson with Greene as the shutdown pairing. Severson clearly is the more adept player offensively. I'd like to see what he can do when he doesn't have to worry about going up against the opposition's top line. He was already putting up 2+ shots per game, I think we should be seeing if he can replace Zidlicky's offense next year if he's placed in a more offensive role.
  19. ATLL765

    RIP Steve Montador

    Mental illness is truly an internal hell that most people that haven't experienced it, don't understand. I have terrible anxiety and it's a HUGE impediment to doing the normal, everyday things that most people do with ease and even enjoy doing. To make things worse, you can leave yourself feeling even worse about yourself as you purposely isolate yourself in an attempt to quell the symptoms, which then really just make it worse in the long run and many times leading to depression from the isolation. Medication can help, but it's not he quick fix people see it to be. For me, taking benzos helps, but they take something away from me, leaving me dulled and operating at a less efficient level, both mentally, emotionally and physically. These stories really hit home with me because of things like that. I truly empathize with others in the world who suffer from mental illness and hope that the exposure from incidents like this help to better our understanding of them.
  20. Please do dig up the posts because all I recall is you going on and on and on and on and on about how every move and every player was terrible. And so what if you pull up a post where you say signing Havlat or something was a bad a move. There were a lot of moves we all knew were major gambles, but were moves that had to be made and some, like the Havlat signing were a very low risk. You cried about all the Devils retreads and how Bernier was useless, but he ended being great. Gomez has been good. You're like the Seth MacFarlane of predictions. Throw enough sh!t at the wall and eventually something rings true. Most of the time you have a point anyways, it's just the fact that you've already made that point and said all there is to say about it and done it 1 billion times over. WE GET IT. GET A NEW SCHTICK PLEASE.
  21. I wouldn't call him a dick for not waiving it. It's his right. It was negotiated as part of his contract and he has every right to not waive it. You're right about how it wouldn't really mean he'd have to uproot his family. At most he'd be away from home for 4 months and that's really not all that terrible.
  22. You're right that neither of them are. Personally, I feel like it's a complete waste of Cammalleri's talent to play him at center. With him at LW, at least then we can occasionally be excited to see Cammaleri utilize his great shot. I really like the idea of having Cammalleri-Gomez-Jagr as a line. Gomez is a pass first guy, but Cammalleri and Jagr are more shoot first types, so I wonder what kind of chemistry they could build together. Might see some pretty slick passing plays between those three. Then having Elias/Henrique-Zajac-Bernier as a 2nd line isn't bad either. You have Zjac and Bernier who are both great down low with the cycle, then I think Henrique might even be better than Elias here as he could kinda float around, trying to get open for a shot since he's not the best along the boards. A 3rd line of Elias-Josefson-Ryder/Havlat/Ruutu could be a solid line as well. And then you have Tootoo-Zubrus-Ruutu/Gionta to make up a competent 4th line. I think this best consolidates our offensive talents while still giving us 2 good scoring lines, one that might manage to chip in as a 3rd line and you have Tootoo and Zubrus where they belong, on the 4th line.
  23. I'm really not a fan of Henrique at center. I'd much rather put Elias back at center than force Henrique to play a position he clearly isn't capable of, especially knowing that line is going to get tough assignments. And once again, we're leaving two quality players stuck with Tootoo as their RW. I'd much rather see either Ryder as the RW there and give them soft matchups or put Josefson at LW there and switch Cammalleri to the right side. Of course Oates has some serious fixation on handedness that borders on compulsion. I'd like to see something like this tried out for the forward lines: Cammalleri-Gomez-Jagr Elias-Zajac-Bernier Henrique-Josefson-Ryder/Havlat Ruutu-Zubrus-Tootoo
  24. To add to this, let me compare him to Drew Doughty. Doughty has a CF%rel of 3.9 this year and a CF% of 57.1. He's had a positive CF%rel since 2009-10 and the only year where the team was even close to being better with him off the ice was 2011-12 where his CF%rel was just 0.6 and even then his CF% was still 55.4. The last time he was below the break even point was 2008-09 where he had a 49.5 CF% and had a CF%rel of -1.9.
  25. That's true, but he's definitely seemed to struggle since Suter left. He hasn't had a positive CF%rel since Suter signed with Minnesota and his CF% has hovered right around break even, which is Marc Staal territory. He just is a much better offensive threat compared to Staal. This year in particular he's looked weak. Nashville has a CF% of 54.8% when he's not on the ice, but a 49.6% when he's on the ice. Good for a -5.2CF%rel.
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