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  1. Yes we do. Severson is already a top 4 defenseman at 20 years old. He looks to have all the tools to be an offensive threat to the tune of 35+ points per season as well and I really see him as potentially being a consistent .5+ppg type defenseman that may even top 50 points in his prime since he's already pumping out more than 2.5 shots per game. He could easily be an elite defenseman. Drouin might be an elite forward as well, but given the choice between a potentially elite defenseman and a potentially elite forward, you take the defenseman 100 times out of 100. They're much harder to identify and develop. Trading Severson would basically take away our only bonafide star prospect and leave us with, at best, a potentially solid all around, but not spectacular defense corps in the future. On top of that, we could quite possibly find an elite forward talent in the draft this year too. Right now, without a shadow of a doubt, Severson is a more valuable player than Drouin. I would not trade him for anything pretty much. If someone offers a high 1st+blue chip forward prospect and a decent roster player, I'd ponder it, but it better be something like a top 10 1st rd pick+Ryan Strome type young forward+scoring RW. That would nearly fix our offense in one fell swoop. Outside of that, it's not worth it for me. Lastly, what we have is a quality prospect pool on defense, not depth. Depth is what we might have if Severson, Merrill and Larsson all reach their potential and one or more of Santini, Scarlett, Hrabarenka and Jacobs becomes an NHL defenseman as well. That would then be depth. We need NHL depth, not prospect depth before trading away major assets is wise.
  2. I agree. He deserves to get at least a few years after hitting rock bottom to see if he can turn things around. SD acts like we've been irrelevant as a team for the last 10 years, but we were in the SCF just 3 years ago, had a decent year in 2013, but were done in by bad goaltending. 2013-14 was basically a repeat of 2013, but we lost Kovy unexpectedly that year, so that would have been a tough year for anyone. This year is really where it's absolutely clear this team has zero chance of being competitive and cannot be fixed with FA signings. This is rock bottom. He earned the right from us to at least see what he can do to make us competitive(as in bubble team on the rise) by 2016-17. If we're not making progress by then or there's some sort of catastrophe between now and then, like missing on our 1st pick this year, then we can start really put LL on the hot seat since that would make it clear he doesn't know how to fix this team.
  3. You seem to think that the broken record you keep playing is relevant, yet you keep on going too.
  4. I think I might just have a complete breakdown if we don't draft high enough to grab one of the high quality centers at the top of the draft. That being said Zacha concerns me due to him only having played 26 games in the OHL this year due to 3 suspensions I think? I know he's one of the younger guys in the draft though, not turning 18 until April this year.
  5. Marc Methot signs 4 year, $19.6 million extension with Ottawa "Defenseman Marc Methot signed a four-year, $19.6 million contract extension Monday with theOttawa Senators.....Methot's contract includes a modified 10-team no-trade clause, the Senators announced via Twitter." Deal has an AAV of $4.9M. I know some mentioned him as a possible target in FA to bolster the defense and to help provide a role model for the young guys on the back end. I think that this kind of money would have been too much for us to be spending on a UFA defenseman. I'd rather us not sign anyone to a contract any larger than 3/14.5. If there was someone the team is in love with and is a really good, quality defenseman, I'd think about spending as much as 4/18, but that's the absolute maximum I'd be willing to spend. I'd much rather us keep the term to 3 years or less if we sign any UFAs this summer. We need to fill slots, but we also need to make sure we're not anchoring ourselves to any bad contracts that will either be blocking younger guys from playing or preventing us from having the flexibility to make some moves when the time is right.
  6. You'd find a way to crucify Lou even if it was a story about him saving a baby from a fire. That's what I'm saying.It could just be that Lou once convinced a pilot to take off in bad weather, but Lou isn't a pilot and doesn't know what is safe and what is not when it comes to flying a plane. The pilot needs to make that decision based on his experience not what anyone else says. And again, the bit about a pilot refusing could just mean that Lou asked politely and the pilot said no. If that were the case, the story is still factual, but Chere makes it sound like Lou demanded the pilot take off when there's no hard proof of that.
  7. Quenneville's season keeps becoming more and more disappointing. I'm losing hope in his chances of making the NHL, much less as the center I thought he could be.
  8. They're definitely two of the best pieces available, especially after this trade. Franson was the best RHD available besides Zidlicky, so now I think he's the best one and hopefully can garner a bit of a bidding war and maybe we can get a late 1st for him. Santorelli was also one of the better C/RW available, so hopefully this helps boost Jagr's value too.
  9. Henrique is not a center. He already gets killed in possession as a LW, it's even worse if he's a center. He can't even center the 3rd line, much less the 2nd. Gomez is a much better option for that spot. I'd rather Elias go back to playing center than have Henrique there.Havlat needs to go. We can surely find a better RW in FA. Bernier should be re-signed over Havlat. He's miles better and is the perfect bottom 6 RW imo. I agree that finding a center should be the priority in the draft. I'm really hoping we can draft Strome.
  10. Torts is one of the last people I'd want to see as HC here.I'm hoping that San Jose chokes again and either misses the playoffs or is eliminated early and McLellan is fired. I think he's a good coach and could really help this team.
  11. If we can graduate another one or two defenseman in the next couple years, it'll be a real strength of the team and Lou will definitely have the flexibility to trade someone, possibly even a top 4 guy like Merrill, especially if Santini is all he's cracked up to be nectar that's the type of guy we're really missing right now that Fayne and Volchenkov aren't here.
  12. I'd say something, but I don't believe anything Chere says and it's not like he claimed to have direct sources. So what, Lou convinced a pilot once to take off. It's the pilot who makes the final call and if he agreed, then it's on the pilot. Then Chere says another pilot refused to take off, but who knows what Lou said there. He could have simply asked and the pilot refused, doesn't mean Lou pressed hard to have him take off. I dunno, this story just sounds weak and Chere's been whiny about Lou all year.
  13. Boucher is still getting shots, he started off cold this season and then got red hot. Hopefully he'll go on another hot streak soon.
  14. Keep hitting dat rock MB. You don't want to know what it's like out here in the real world.
  15. If by not bad you mean we were merely awful instead of fvcking atrocious, sure. Just heard them say on HNL that we've been outshot in 19 of 20 since the coaching change. Absolutely embarrassing.Watching this team is torture now. I much preferred seeing us go down fighting under DeBoer than mailing it in like we are now. The coaching staff needs to see that they're doing nothing to help this team right now. Oates and Stevens should both be let go after this season.
  16. I never wanted DeBoer fired, but I also never thought this team would look so bad without him either. The team is still just as bad defensively, but now is even worse on the attack. Have they even had a game where they had more than 25 shots in a game since the coaching change? It's embarrassing. As much as I love Stevens as as player, he's done nothing to improve the defense, at all. There WAY too passive now. I know they struggled under DeBoer, but I think that was due to losing Volchenkov and Fayne who both knew his swarm system well. That's probably a much tougher system to learn as a young defenseman as you have to be very alert to know who you need to be covering. Much easier to play a passive system where positioning is emphasized more.
  17. It's absolutely a giant ?. Larsson and Severson are likely top 4 guys, but after them it's all questionable. I think Merrill will be a top 4 guy, but he's struggled all year. Gelinas is starting to look more and more like a flash in the pan a la MDZ rather than the elite offensive defenseman we thought he could be after last year. Everyone else in the system may look good now, but they're all huge ?. It's likely that one of Scarlett, Santini, Jacobs, Hrabarenka or Helgeson will be an NHL defenseman, but what if only 1 of them makes it and it's only as a 3rd pairing type. If that happens then our defense isn't nearly the asset it looks to be right now. A truly elite defenseman is worth more than a forward of equal talent, so trading Severson for Drouin is crazy.
  18. That would be a nightmare. He's not made a difference at all. The average for shots against is almost identical to what it was under DeBoer, but now the PK sucks again. That's what I'd call a downgrade, not an improvement.Larsson has looked better, but let's not give Stevens all the credit until we've played enough games to say whether Larsson has truly improved or just was hot for a while. The improvement is completely negated by his insistence on playing Fraser and Harrold anyways. Fraser in the PK made it even worse.
  19. Cangi makes a good point about Bryce. He was pretty bad when he played this year, but people were quick to forget 2012. He was definitely aided by a huge dose of luck, but that was probably still the best stretch of hockey he's ever played. I think the reason us as fans piled on Sal had a lot to do with his contract having epitomized the issues with this team and the fact that he was/is a figurehead for the team as the captain. It's to old and guys are signed for too long. Some of that will be resolved after this season though, with Ryder and Sal's contracts expiring then having bought out Volchenkov last year a well.
  20. ATLL765

    Kane to Buffalo

    I didn't say it was a realistic trade, just saying he's what I'd want of their rumored to be available players. I might throw in a pick like next year's 1st if he's someone they're actually open to trading. Elias+2016 1st+Gelinas or Boucher for Eberle+2016 2nd might be more realistic, but in reality Elias isn't going anywhere.
  21. ATLL765

    Kane to Buffalo

    They need a 2C, but I think they might be better served trying to acquire a veteran center to fill that role. If I was them, if I have the #2 pick, I'd look to see if the teams one or two spots below me will offer anything to move up to #2 and then draft Hanifin at 3 or 4. They have a veteran presence on defense in Fayne and Ference, even if he sucks. I think they could really use a veteran center that really thinks the game well. I think Elias would be a great fit for that team, but he's not going anywhere and will retire a Devil. I'd seriously consider trading Elias if Edmonton would offer up Eberle in return though.
  22. No, I'm making the case that Toronto has the more skilled shooters, which is made evident by the team's ability to score on a higher percentage of their shots than most teams in the league. They've been in the top 10 for team S% and have higher than Montreal in every year since the 11-12 season. So with that in mind, it makes sense to start Schneider in that game since he was more likely to face a higher quantity of quality shots and scoring chances against Toronto than Kinkaid would against Montreal. It ended up that Monteal routed us, but there's no way of knowing that would be the result prior to the game being played. Despite the team being bad overall, they have a formidable offense that gets a lot of shots on net even though the team on the whole usually allows more shots than they take. I really think that Toronto has a good team, maybe not an elite one, but still a good team that would definitely make the playoffs if they had a quality coach for a full season so they could learn to play a real system. It's really tough to take a team that's been coached as badly as Toronto was under Carlyle and make them into a cohesive unit when you take over mid-season. There's not exactly a ton of time to practice during the season for a coach to really get a team to radically change their approach.
  23. So you're saying that a GM should ALWAYS trade pending UFAs even if they're an integral piece of your team and you're close to or in a playoff position? That's absolutely nuts. You're never going to get full value for a pending UFA, so you'll be on the losing end of that trade almost every time. Fans would come to your house with pitchforks and torches if you traded a top player away in a deal for future assets and/or a lesser player at the deadline while in a playoff position then fail to win a Cup.
  24. ATLL765

    Kane to Buffalo

    Anaheim: They have been looking for someone to play LW on the top line all season. They signed Dany Heatley last summer to see if he could fit there. He'd absolutely be on Anaheim's top line. Pittsburgh: I'm 100% positive that he'd outproduce Kunitz and Perron if he had either Crosby or Malkin as his center. Tampa: Kane has a better career ppg than Killorn has this season so I could easily see him bump someone down there, especially given that both Killorn and Palat are both fairly inexperienced and Palatis the only one with a better career ppg than Kane, although it's not by much. St. Louis: Kane has an almost identical career ppg to Steen, but this might be the only team in the league that has 2 LWs that are better than Kane.
  25. Strome is the guy I really, really, really want to get in this draft, assuming we don't win the lottery. Putting up ~2ppg and has the size you look for in a top center. If I was LL and Strome is slated to be picked somewhere right in front of us, I'd be asking what it would take to get that pick. I'd definitely trade away our at least our 1st and a 2nd rd pick, especially if we acquire an extra 2nd, to move up a few slots to draft Strome. His brother Ryan is very talented and Dylan has put up 33-61-94 in 50 GP already, which is better than the 33-73-106 in 65 GP that Ryan put up in in his draft year. I know we have a big hole at RW in NJ as well as in the system, but we're ok for LWs right now with Cammalleri, Elias, Henrique and we still have guys like Boucher, Matteau, Black, Quenneville and Kujawinski in the system who all shoot left and have a realistic shot at making the NHL. Because of that I'm 100% convinced that a top center is the most important missing piece on this team. You need that #1 guy in all 3 positions. We have it in net with Schneider and there's a good chance that Severson could be that guy on defense, plus Larsson has looked very good lately as well, but we just do not have that guy on offense.You can find a decent RW in FA, but it's impossible to acquire a truly elite center that way. I think this year is our best shot at getting that player via the draft and you absolutely need that #1 center in today's NHL. Read this and it was pretty good. I wish he would have used different cutoffs for the picks though. Maybe something more like 400GP for a 1st rd pick, 300 for a 2nd, 200 for a 3rd and 100 for rounds 4-7. That way it would be more representative of a successful pick rather than just showing which picks became replacement level NHL players when that is considered a bust for picks in the top 100 picks of the draft.
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