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  1. I think 8-12 is a bit low for us. I don't think we're that good, especially if we sell off Jagr and Zids. I think we pick somewhere between 4-8. I really, really, really hope Strome is still available when we pick. If we're picking at #7 and it looks like Strome will be taken at 4-5, I'd seriously think about trading away a 3rd rd pick+Gelinas to move up a couple spots. I'd even trade a 2nd rd pick if we end up with an extra one.
  2. He's absolutely right about defense though. It's still top defensive teams that win Cups, not the teams like Dallas that rely on outscoring opponents. He didn't say anything about how in order to be successful offensively that you need to be a faster team. He's just saying that to build a contender, you still do it the same way it's always been done, from the net out.
  3. I don't think that's true. I'm pretty sure there's no way to prevent someone from profiting from something unless it was created in the process of a committing a crime.
  4. It would definitely be nice to have another one or two of our defense prospects pan out as legitimate options at the NHL level. Having another couple young guys on the back end would give us a lot of flexibility to trade one of them for some help on offense.
  5. Lundqvist is good and gives the Rangers a chance to win most nights, but I'm not sure they have the depth on offense beyond Nash, St Louis and Stepan to be a true Cop contender this year.
  6. I had to google the name. At first I thought he just misspelled Mario Batali, the tv chef, lol.
  7. Not everybody can produce that well, even when given quality linemates. You still have to be very talented. I mean, just take Josefson for example, he's been given opportunities with some talented linemates, yet never could produce more than a few points here and there. Zajac is a very good, possibly elite defensive center that can produce 40+ points with the right linemates.
  8. In what world does Zidlicky not get you at least a 2nd? He's producing very well and RH defenseman are a very sought after commodity. There's been legions of worse defenseman who have been traded for 1st and 2nd rd picks. There's no way in hell that Zidlicky doesn't get you at least a 2nd. The question for me really is whether you look to get a draft pick in return or try to fast track the rebuild of the offense by trading for some prospects who are close to NHL ready, if not NHL ready already.
  9. If Zajac was paired with quality wingers, he'd put up 40-50 points each season and that's fine for what he is. He's getting paid 2nd line center money and other than this year, he's produced like one. I'm not worried too about him.
  10. It's being objective in that you may be saying things that are sorta true, but it's kinda strange to see someone change their tune so quickly when it's impossible to take anything significant away from what happens over the course of 10-20 games.
  11. He's not a UFA, but does anyone think that Semin might be a guy that we could acquire without giving up too much? Carolina's coaching staff seems to be really down on him, but his possession numbers look decent even though his production has dropped off significantly. Maybe a change of scenery could be what he needs. Carolina would probably be open to retaining some salary in a trade or taking a bad contract in return. If they'd take Zubrus and retain maybe $1-2M of Semin's salary, it might be a worthwhile gamble. We really need right handed shooters and he has the skill to produce. If we also hit a home run in the draft in the 1st rd by taking a center that can step right into the NHL, we might be somewhat competitive next year. He's only got 3 years left on his deal too, so even if it doesn't work out, a buyout would be a reasonable option for the last year of his deal. I don't see us being very competitive in the next year or two if can't find a top center and RW, so I don't think it would hurt that bad to see this gamble fail.
  12. What do you think of Scarlett and the way he's been playing? Does he have a shot at getting a call up to NJ anytime soon and do you think he has a decent shot at becoming a regular in the next year or two? He's certainly been producing points at a high rate.
  13. That's the last thing he needed with how he's struggled lately. At the start of the season when he was producing over a 1ppg rate, I was getting real excited about him, but now I'm wondering if he'll even be able to handle playing center at the pro level.
  14. ATLL765

    No GDT

    That's great, but we don't need you to point out something we can all plainly see. That seems like all you do anymore and I don't understand the point of complaining about something that we know won't continue and isn't something we can do anything about. It's like complaining that the sky is blue. You're right, but what's your point?
  15. ATLL765

    No GDT

    SD, you're making a mountain out of a molehill with the whole we're winning when the only thing that will accomplish is giving us a worse draft position. It's not like the team is magically playing significantly better, we're just getting all the breaks right now and there's no way that will continue. So before you freak out about dropping a couple spots with regards to draft position, why don't we wait at least until a little while after the trade deadline to see what happens when teams start buying and selling off assets.
  16. Looking at the season as a whole it doesn't look like Elias is having a good year, but since he returned from injury/flu, he's played much better. He has 8 points in 12 games in 2015, which is much better than the 13 points he had in the previous 29 games. He's also looked much more like the Elias we expected to see instead of the one that was a step behind the play that we saw most of the season.
  17. LOL. The plus side of a low scoring hockey game is that at least you're likely to see a much higher number of scoring chances over a soccer game.
  18. Anyone think we could still trade Gelinas for a RW? Mike Santorelli might be someone Toronto is willing to trade since he's a UFA this summer. He's also played some center before too, so he could be someone who could play on the 2nd or 3rd line depending on whether we need him at RW or center. He's played very well for Toronto this year, so I feel like if he's not traded, they will try to re-sign him. Anyone think it'd be worth it to trade Gelinas for the chance that we could re-sign him for at a reasonable price? Or will he try to capitalize on the stupidity of GMs out there since he's scoring at just over a .5ppg rate and could possibly get a lucrative, longer term deal on the open market? I say this because it's clear Gelinas is in the doghouse with this coaching staff and his value, if he has any left, is plummeting. So without him getting back into the lineup and producing at a high rate, I'm not sure he could bring back a younger forward than someone like Santorelli, who will turn 30 midway through next season. I mentioned an article in another thread that hypothesized that Semin's issues may not be all his fault and that he could bounce back. If we acquire him in a trade where Carolina retains salary and/or takes a bad contract like Zubrus, trading or signing someone like Santorelli and hit a home run with our 1st pick in the draft with Strome or Marner where they can step right into the NHL and make an impact, I really think the team could be a competitive group next season. This possibly could be done without mortgaging the future by trading any draft picks as well, so even if it turns out that Semin really is terrible, there's only 3 years left on his deal and it probably wouldn't kill our ability to continue improving the team.
  19. It probably has more to do with being paired with Greene than the coaching change seeing as the team has generally been performing worse since the coaching change.But by all means, continue on with your after the fact bashing of DeBoer.....there is literally no topic you've not made a 180 on. Ever think of becoming a politician? You'd fit right in.
  20. Why are we discussing soccer? It's such a lame sport. I mean, it's a sport where 3 goals in a game is a high number despite the net being nearly 200sqft. Like watching paint dry.
  21. ATLL765


    Advanced stats can be confusing, but when it comes to goaltenders, you don't really need many advanced stats to know whether a guy is good or not. Save% is a perfect stat for valuing goalies since all a goalie does is stop shots. Stats like QS and RBS are great, but are essentially just a measure of save% in individual games and whether it was high enough to give your team a chance to win. I think the only big thing that advanced stats will do for valuing goalies in the future is with shot location so that you can isolate deficiencies in a goalie's game(glove hand, 5-hole, high or low shots, etc.). As for WAR, I don't think it's a stat that many see as reliable. There's to many factors, such as the role being played, to boil down a player's value to a single number. Despite this, advanced stats clearly are important and give us a better picture of the game for valuing individual players.
  22. ATLL765

    No GDT

    I like that the coaches are trying something different with the lines, but I still think they could do better. I'd like to see them try some more radical changes. I'd like to see these lines tried out: Henrique-Elias-Jagr Cammalleri-Zajac-Havlat Josefson-Gomez-Bernier Ruutu-Zubrus-Tootoo That way all of the guys who have been getting crushed in possession are split up. I know Elias has been playing well at LW, but I really don't like Cammalleri playing center or being stuck on the 3rd line. I believe Elias would be a better option at center if he's on a line with Henrique who he's played well with in the past.
  23. I think Cammalleri's CF% has really suffered due to playing center on a garbage 3rd line where he's been regularly anchored by Ryder and Zubrus. There's another article on there about Semin: http://www.tsn.ca/a-deeper-look-at-a-slumping-alexander-semin-1.194712#|gigyaMobileDialog Seems like he might just be having a real unlucky/bad year, but could recover since his relCF% and relSCF% look good. Wonder if they'd retain some salary in a trade. If he bounces back and we draft a center that can step right into the NHL next year, we might be able to be competitive next year. He only has 2 or 3 years left in his deal I think.
  24. Just read the article. I really wish that website used an editor for these things. So many awful grammar errors. It's hard to read an article that has unnecessary commas EVERYWHERE when it's supposed to be at least a semi-professional piece.
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