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  1. I was at the playoff goal game as well. Was really young then, but I'll never forget that. Saw him hit 552 and actually had a VIP pass to go down below to the Platinum lounge I think it was called. All the player's families were there. Met a few of the guys and discussed with Parise and Langs the hook/dive call on Langs by I think it was Big Buff. Another great game I saw from him was his 99th career shutout against Colorado that he got right after coming back from injury in 09 I think it was. So many great memories.
  2. Watching the Rangers vs Panthers game. Lundqvist just drew an interference call where it looked to me like he was never touched and went down on his own. This coming after the rags scored a flukey goal that deflected past Luongo off a defender's stick to make it 4-3.
  3. I wonder what he thinks LL will do as the deadline approaches. Does he think we'll sell? If so, who does he think will be shopped and what kind of return does he expect those players to bring back? Also, I'd like to hear what he thinks the team needs to do to be competitive again and if he feels like it can be done without a full teardown and rebuild process.
  4. It's a lot of hype, but it's also an arms race type deal too where parents see other kids with top of the line stuff so they want their kids to have it too and kids always want to have the same stuff their teammates have so they feel like they fit in and whatnot.
  5. I think scouts are high on both Zacha and Crouse due to their NHL size even though they're not exactly tearing it up point wise. Both of them have a good chance of being drafted in the top 10.
  6. I'm really hoping that Larsson can continue playing at the level he has been of late even once Severson comes back and possibly replaces him on the top pairing with Greene. It'd be great if one of those two guys could play with Merrill and help boost his game since that would give us a pretty solid top 4 that consists of 3 very young defenseman.
  7. I don't think so since he's signed to a 35+ deal. Or did those disappear with the new cba? He's certainly tolerable if he can be kept to a 4th line and pk only role. It's when he's being forced into a top 9 role that his total lack of offense really sticks out and drags down his line.Like many other posters have said, I'd much prefer Ruutu to take the top 9 minutes that Zubrus is getting, but I think the coaching staff likes him in that role since they seem to think he can play center in a pinch over Ruutu.
  8. Zubrus' contract is up after next year I think. Not having capgeek.com anymore to check for these things sucks so bad.....
  9. That's truly the biggest cost: Ice time. Even if you get away with buying all the equipment necessary for your kid with only $300-400, you're still going to need to drop 2-5x that much to get him into a decent hockey program. Then if you're serious you need to sign up for individual power skating lessons and with the way kids grow, you'll need to buy all new equipment at least every other year. No matter what you do it's a sport that, in the US at least, will cost you a minimum of $1000/year to play. That assumes you managed to find an in house league that's dirt cheap too. If you want your kid to play at the highest level for his age group, it'll easily be $2500+/year. It'd be easy to spend closer to $5000+ once you factor in travel costs. My 11 year old brother plays travel hockey and my Father must spend at least $5000/year between equipment and travel expenses. Depending on how many tournaments he plays in Canada, the cost for the year could creep up closer to $10k.
  10. Can you at least wait until after the deadline to start complaining? No need to preemptively hang LL for mistakes you THINK he'll make.
  11. There's no way in hell that they give Salvador another deal this summer. They've already made him disappear this year and I have no doubt that after this long, he's being held out because management knows he's an anchor on the rest of the defense.
  12. Yeah, Salvador's deal is done at the end of the year. With his contract expiring, we don't have any dead weight on the back end. All our "bad" contracts are with the forwards and most of them are UFA this summer as well. I think only Zubrus and Clowe are guys signed past this season who have real bad value deals unless you count Zajac's deal as being bad value, but I think that's debatable.
  13. IIRC the PK came crashing back to Earth in the playoffs that year. It wasn't nearly as impenetrable as it had been all year in the regular season.
  14. He'll trade away someone. He's too smart of a GM to think that it's a better decision to keep all our pending UFAs. He'll stay loyal to Jagr if he requests not to be traded, but if that's the case, he'll definitely look to trade Zidlicky, which he's likely going to do no matter what. Zidlicky and Jagr are both types of players that teams looking to add a veteran player to put them over the top on a deep playoff run. Jagr is a possession beast with a wealth of experience that will make any line one that's tough to contain and Zidlicky is a right shot "PMD" who over his career has put up .52ppg and is still producing at a .41ppg rate this season. Both those guys are definitely worth a 2nd rd pick if not a conditional 1st. Zidlicky might even be able to bring back a 1st rd pick in the 20-30 range with the way that teams go absolutely nuts about defenseman at the deadline. I've posted about defenseman who were lesser talents that brought back 1st rd picks in the past many times already, so I won't do it again here. The question for me is whether it's better for LL to look to get draft picks in return or to try to acquire a couple good forward prospects instead. It's supposed to be a great draft this year, but getting some prospects who are closer to being NHL ready might help the team return to form sooner rather than later. It'd be especially helpful if we could pick up a prospect that's a righty or someone who can play center. We need RWs desperately to fill holes next season. Someone who can center the 3rd line would be a great pick up too, that way Cammalleri never has to play center again, especially on the 3rd line. He needs to be in the top 6, even if that means moving him or someone else over to RW. We may forced to do that with how few RH shots we have signed for next season though.
  15. People really thought that Pete was the big problem with this team, but it's clear that he wasn't the biggest issue and may not have even been an issue at all with the stats showing that the team is really playing worse than it was before. The coaching staff's decision on playing Fraser 20 mins each night is mind blowing. If that's Stevens making that lineup decision, I really hope that he isn't on the coaching staff at all next season, much less as the head coach. Oates insistence on having players slotted on the PP based primarily on handedness is at least understandable since he's had pretty good success with his PP setup in the past even though I'm not very happy that our most efficient forward on the PP in Henrique isn't on the 1st unit. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I'm really hoping that things don't go well in San Jose and that Todd McLellan gets fired. I think he's a good coach and I'd like to see him get hired as the head coach here in NJ. A good coach in addition to hitting a home run with our 1st rd pick where we find a #1 center(I'm really hoping for Dylan Strome), one or two smart trades to fill the need of top 6 RW as well as another scoring winger in the next year or two is the recipe for returning this team to playoff contention imo. You already bash him non-stop, so it'd be just another day on NJDevs.com.
  16. The whole thing is stupid. The YS chant is lame, but management absolutely blew it when it comes to how they handled replacing the goal song. They undoubtedly made things worse with the way the did that. I feel like if they politely reached out to the STH and other fans through any outlet they could to say that in an attempt to create more younger fans through a more polite atmosphere that they would get rid of R&R Pt2 if the YS chant continued, you might have been able to get a large contingent of fans to push others to end the chant. That would have been more effective then surprising everyone with the change. Then if it didn't work, the only people to blame for the change would be the YS crowd instead of management.
  17. IMO, the benefit of the new composite/carbon fiber sticks is way overrated when it comes to little kids. Yes they're significantly lighter, but you can get wooden sticks that aren't too heavy. I have a Montreal wood stick that's real light that I have as a backup. It's a bit crazy the way some people buy top of the line stuff for their kids when they're only 5-10 years old. Once they're a bit older it starts to make a difference. Only having to spend $30-50 on a stick instead of $150-200 is a big difference. You can probably go with cheaper stuff all around until your kid is older too. Having top of the line skates is a huge expense that is likely unnecessary until they're older as well. Getting those for ~$150 or less will save you a lot of money when a top of the line stick and pair of skates will run you $400+ even for a young kid.
  18. Where have you been all week? LOL.
  19. There was a thread I made for this that tailed off about two weeks ago, but has 2-3 pages of posts about earlier rumors/trades. Maybe a mod could merge these? I want Bernier to stay. If we're trading Jagr, we're gonna need guys who can play RW and Bernier is someone who plays a role similar to what Zubrus has in the past where he can slot onto any line and not look too out of place. After a rough time last year, he's played great this season. Perfect bottom 6 RW. If someone will offer up a 3rd rd pick for Gomez, take it and try to sign him again in the offseason. With the draft being heralded as a one of the best in years, I really see this is as a huge chance for the team to restock the prospect pool with forwards.
  20. I feel like $4M is a bit much if we're only buying RFA years. Ryan Ellis on Nashville has put up 62 points over 184 games while Larsson only has 37 in 160. Larsson has been getting tough assignments this year, but wasn't playing top competition very much prior to this year. Ellis got a 5/25 deal. I'm guessing those are all RFA years, but I wouldn't want to pay much more than that if we're not buying up UFA years. If we go for max term, which I'd be ok with, something like 8/32 would be great. I'd go as far as 8/38 since I'm not sure I'm ready to pay him $5+M per season even if we take some UFA years in the deal. If he doesn't want that kind of term, which would make sense if he feels he's about to hit his stride, maybe a 6/24 or 6/27 deal would be acceptable.
  21. As a 10 year old kid I didn't quite appreciate the display of talent and was quite disappointed that the team missed their chance to win the Cup while I was in attendance, lol.
  22. I agree. I don't think Fraser is any better than Helgeson and they play a very similar game, so I don't see any reason to play him over Helgeson. You're right about Harrold over Gelinas too. We're out of the playoff race, there's barely a 1% chance we make it. So with that in mind, we might as well play Gelinas to see if he can start to round out his game if he's given a bit more ice time and responsibility. You're right about Helgeson not being all that good, but I don't think he's any worse than Fraser and at least Helgeson is young enough that there's the chance he could improve. Fraser is what he is at this point.
  23. It's not an uphill battle. It's more like a climb up a sheer cliff with no equipment.
  24. There's nothing that points towards Boucher not being able to make it to the NHL. He's having another solid season in Albany despite a very slow start. I still think he has the potential to be a 2nd line LW that can put up 20-25 goals and maybe 40-50 points on a regular basis. Similar numbers to Henrique even though he's not as good a skater, he has a better shot and vision in the offensive zone. You can make the argument that taking on Ruutu's salary wasn't worthwhile, but he's definitely been more productive than Loktionov was in his time with NJ. I think Ruutu could be even more productive if he was given more ice time, preferably ice time that's currently being given to Zubrus. You're right about the lack of forward prospects, but again, this is hugely influenced by picking so low in the 1st round so often. LL hasn't had many opportunities to draft high end forwards since things began to decline in NJ. Had either Parise OR Kovy stayed, this would be a much more competitive team right now and since they left, LL hasn't had much time to rebuild the offense. With things clearly not going well and the likelihood that we'll be drafting in the top 10 this year and maybe even next year, I think LL deserves the chance to show if he can find a quality forward with a high pick.
  25. Just caught this on NHLN and lmao at Larsson.
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