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  1. They announced this about a month ago that they were doing away with those stats. I don't think they ever really said why. It might be so guys like a$$holik can't use those number to get $9 million per year.
  2. First some general thoughts: The team overall looked like they haven't played much together. And they haven't. Surprisingly we looked slow out there, but that could be more to the credit of the Senators than us. They may have worse luck than we have at hitting the back of the net. This win was a bit lucky, but that's all right. It is sometimes better to be lucky than good. Last season, it didn't seem to matter how good we were, no luck whatsoever. Maybe this is our year? Now to our players... M Brodeur: Wow!...what a start. The best player on the ice by very far. His puck handling was secondary to phenominal puck stopping. He didn't look shaky on a single shot. Stevens: Yup, he's a hall of famer. He played like a rookie trying to make the team. An example to the rest. And the game was very fast paced, not his thing for sure. 25 minutes of ice time! Burns could not take him out. Madden: Good to see the one guy not quoted in the papers all off-season, get back to his form. Outside of the goals he played very well too. Maybe his luck is back? Elias: He misses thoose open neters so many times. I hope this isn't back to the Elias of a few years ago. Wore the "A" and had to put thoose in! Newy: Did he play last night? Langenbruner: Ditto? Brylin: Played solid and a beauty of a pass to Friesen, who didn't finish. His 2 linemates sucked last night. Poor Sergei. Friesen: Skated well, and that's about it. A few chances, no back of net. 13 minutes of ice-time means Burns is not so happy either with our new "star" forward. Gomer: Several scary defensive moments, but not much offense to allow us to forgive it. Looks completely out of snyc. Pando: Skated very hard, laughable attempt at a one-timer, and seemignly a step slower on defense. Gionta: 1 or 2 good offensive shifts, but really looked like a mite on ice. Got pushed off the puck a lot. Not sure this guys gonna last up here. Only if he finds the net more and the glass behind it less. 11 minutes ice-time was only 4 more than Big Jim. Coach saw what I saw. Stevenson: Slow and dreadful. Dumb penalties. Changing last name to Odelien. Looked like he hasn't played much in the last 365 days. And he hasn't. McKenzie: Wrong player for the type of game last night. We'd have been better with Guolla or Berglund out there. If the games are like this, this year, look for him to play only against the Rag$, Phailures and Laughs. Danton: Played very well. Good speed, made himself felt every shift. That check on Alfredsson at the end of #1 was a thing of beauty. And he drew a penalty from him! Which White then threw away retailiating on the retaliation. And the move he made around the corner and almost scored was a beauty. He was our second best forward last night. Most impressive for his 1st real NHL start. Looks like he means it when he says he's gonna make sure they cannot send him back down. Niedermayer: Solid effort. Made a lot of excellent, but not flashy plays. Played with a lot of grit. Looked angry, belive it or not. Gotta like that. Rafalski: Steady and sure play all night. Him and stevens played solid all night. They looked like the NHL's #1 d-pairing. Please shoot more. White: ok..that's it. Needs to take the next step. Dano: Let's just say that was not his kind of game. T-vo: A bit lost on the defensive end, but I think he'll catch on. Played better as the game went on. Definitely not afraid to shoot, but does he think the nets in the East are wider than in the west? Hit the friggin net. Burns: good start. Good attempt at lines. No panicing or needless line juggling. No stupid quotes in the press.
  3. msweet

    Arnott Out

    http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/news/20021010/arnott.html Stars place C Arnott on IR with sprained ankle October 10, 2002 VALLEY RANCH, Texas (Ticker) - The Dallas Stars got a tie in their season opener Wednesday, but lost center Jason Arnott. The Stars on Thursday placed Arnott on injured reserve with a sprained right ankle and announced he will be out of the lineup 10-14 days. Arnott sustained the injury when he was taken down awkwardly by center Vaclav Nedorost in the first period of Wednesday's 1-1 tie with the Colorado Avalanche. The 27-year-old Arnott was acquired from the New Jersey Devils last March and had three goals and an assist in seven games. He had four goals and an assist in five preseason games. A first-round pick of the Edmonton Oilers in 1993, Arnott has 200 goals and 264 assists in 599 career games. To take Arnott's roster spot, the Stars recalled right wing Jon Sim from Utah of the American Hockey League. The 25-year-old Sim scored four goals in the preseason with Dallas.
  4. msweet

    David Hale

    http://www.grandforks.com/mld/grandforkshe...ald/4222898.htm Posted on Sun, Oct. 06, 2002 COLLEGE HOCKEY: All Hale to the captains Hales have leadership role with Sioux By Virg Foss Herald Staff Writer For the first time in more than a quarter of a century of UND hockey, brothers will be part of the captaincy role this season. Junior forward Ryan Hale and junior defenseman David Hale, from Colorado Springs, Colo., were voted by teammates, along with senior forward Kevin Spiewak, to the leadership roles. Ryan Hale will serve as captain and David Hale and Spiewak as assistant captains. Only one other time in more than 50 years of Fighting Sioux hockey have brothers served together in roles as captains at the same time. That happened in the 1974-75 season, when Larry and Daryl Drader, from Estevan, Sask., joined Ken Gibb tri-captains on a Sioux team that finished with an overall record of 6-28-2.
  5. msweet

    Devils Hockey

    Red, I'd rather have Stevens take him out. It would be more meaningful. Stevens can put another notch on his stick. Aw heck ,allright, how about if the both clock him?
  6. He starts the rumor for 2 reasons... 1. He hate steh Devils and wants there to be discord so they fail. 2. He reads this board and is trying to aggravate us.
  7. The (N)Єverson dude is an assh-le. This article borders on evil for the beat writer for the Devils. I won't disect it all but let's have some fun with this part. Ok...the red is one side of the mouth and the blue is the other. The pieces aren't matched? Then he admits ANY other team would trade for these six? Nieds is the teams best defenseman, but the should trade him? And I guess Brodeur's "lapses" are less tha ALL other goalies because even (N)Єverson admits he might be the best in the league. I am beginning to hate this guy. The NY post is a great paper. Unusually conservative view for a NE paper, and a great sports page, including hockey. It figures the Devils get the biggest d-ck on the Post staff.
  8. Why did burns make the "poor Berglund" remark then. He WAS going to Albany. And I guess we are carrying 8 defenceman? What about Salo?
  9. Yup.....just about right. Ok, enough already, everything has been said. Let them play already.
  10. ... what kind of thing to say is that?If Bergulund had played really well in the pre-season he wouldn't have to worry about Albany.
  11. Not Danton as previously thought? ...and if there is a G-d, maybe it is just starting for a$$holik. http://www.nypost.com/sports/rangers/48828.htm October 7, 2002 -- Maybe next year the Rangers will be the most progressive team in the NHL and conduct a 14-day training camp with six exhibition games, which, everyone in hockey knows, is all that's really required. Maybe next year Glen Sather and Jim Dolan will pass on the temptation to soak in cash guarantees for meaningless matches in places like Columbus and Florida. Maybe next year the Rangers won't face a final-week preseason trip featuring four road games in five nights. Maybe next year the Blueshirts will stay right here throughout camp with home-and-homes against the Devils, Flyers and Islanders or Bruins. Maybe next year common sense will take precedence over dollars and cents. Which is all to say that finally - and thankfully - this year's camp has come to a conclusion, and has done so before anyone else on the roster could get hurt. Yes, the Rangers were 4-2-1-2, but that record doesn't earn the team a single point toward the regular-season marathon that commences in Carolina on Wednesday night. What transpired throughout the preseason? Jamie Lundmark, who for some reason was asked to play in nine out of nine matches, had a blockbuster camp, which is obviously very good news, but he was also the only prospect to step up at all, which is very bad news. Brian Leetch missed time with a groin problem. Pavel Bure is out with a knee injury he sustained when unrequitedly roughed up by the Devils - an acute MSG-TV replay seems to indicate that the Russian Rocket was hurt in a battle with Scott Stevens, not by either Mike Danton or Turner Stevenson, as originally believed - on Sept. 24 and remains iffy for the opener. Eric Lindros missed time with an elbow hyper-extension. Mark Messier has been tending to a hip flexor the last six days. Tomas Kloucek suffered a shoulder injury less than 10 minutes into the first match and essentially eliminated himself from roster contention, a revolting development whose domino effect has weakened a suspect blue line. Dan Blackburn, who sizzled early, suffered a mild groin strain in Saturday's finale in Boston that may or may not affect this week's goaltending rotation. And, in that same game, Bobby Holik, who missed a grand total of two games the last six years because of injury - eight others to suspensions - narrowly escaped a broken right foot when hit with a Leetch shot. Instead, the essential No. 16 will nurse a bone bruise into the opener. Did poooor Bobby hurt his little footsy? Next time I hop it is worse. May the Ranger$ curse afflict himn the rest of his hockey life. What else? The Rangers' three fighters couldn't win a fight against the opposition's enforcers even while willingly answering the bell game after game. The defense pairs were constantly shuffled. The bench wasn't nearly well-enough organized. Little if any chemistry developed among the varied line combinations. Most of the final week was an exercise in trying to determine the identity of the team's sixth and seventh defensemen, and 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th forwards. With all due respect to the men whose professional careers are at stake, the final 10 days of a camp that began in Vermont just weren't worth it. But it's over. And now the Rangers - who have four cuts to make, presumably one on defense and three up front, prior to the opener - start fresh. Maybe next year they'll be permitted to start fresher. What does Brooks expect? With that payroll they need every penny they can scoung up. And besides those players make enough $$$ they can play a few preseason games.
  12. http://msn.espn.go.com/nhl/preview2002/col...ry/1440371.html Decisions, not money, make the best GMs By Barry Melrose Special to ESPN.com Editor's note: ESPN.com asked Barry Melrose to name his top five general managers in the NHL: 1. Lou Lamoriello, New Jersey Devils Lamoriello does more with less than any other GM -- and I'm talking about money. He does things they way they're supposed to be done. Lamoriello wins the battle against players, keeps payroll down, and his teams are always competitive. A lot can be attributed to his quality scouting staff. But a good GM knows how to surround himself with good people. Lamoriello is always able to pull off deals that get the job done. 2. Ken Holland, Detroit Red Wings Holland has more money to work with than Lamoriello, but more money doesn't always mean more wins. Three of the NHL's top five payroll teams didn't even make the playoffs last year (N.Y. Rangers, Dallas, Washington). Holland's teams win. He's made some great trades and drafted well, all while keeping the Red Wings' nucleus in tact. I like the way he's kept this team together, yet whenever they need an added dimension -- a defenseman or a forward -- he goes out and gets it. 3. Pierre Lacroix, Colorado Avalanche For the past three years, Lacroix has gotten a big-time player to come in and change the team at the March trade deadline. That's so important. Colorado has drafted better than any NHL team, acquiring players like Milan Hejduk and Chris Drury in late rounds. Because of trades, the Avs had four first-round picks in one draft (1998). Yes, Lacroix has done it with a high payroll, but he's made some great trades and he puts Colorado in a position to win every year. The Avs won the Stanley Cup two years ago and I believe they're the team to beat again this season. 4. Kevin Lowe, Edmonton Oilers Lowe has done a great job in Edmonton. I know they didn't make the playoffs last year, but they were right in there. It's tough when you're trading your best players for young players and draft picks every year. But Lowe has been doing just that, while staying competitive. He's got some great young players again this year. And with the Canadian dollar, he's doing it on a shoestring budget, and with his hands tied behind his back. 5. Dean Lombardi, San Jose Sharks The Sharks drafted extremely well, so they've got a lot of great young players in their system. Lombardi has done a good job surrounding those young guys with quality veterans like Vincent Damphousse and Gary Suter (although, Suter retired this year). He's also made some good trades and has bee able to hold on to his free-agents like Teemu Selanne. Each year at the deadline, Lombardi does something to make the Sharks a better team. He's got a great scouting staff. Like Lamoriello, he knows the importance of surrounding himself with good people. The Sharks are one of the best young teams in the NHL and they're on their way up. That's a result of their GM and how he handles his players. With the same head coach, Darryl Sutter, for six years, the Sharks have stability -- which is rare. Lombardi doesn't panic. He stays with people he believes in. Barry Melrose, a former NHL defenseman and coach, is a hockey analyst for ESPN
  13. Here, here Rock! All real Devils Fans feel the same way.
  14. msweet


    Elias-Newy-Langenbruner Brylin-Gomer-Friesen Pando-Madden-Gionta Turner-Danton/Guolla-Jimbo/Berglund We've got too many 3rd and 4th line wingers. Comments... Langenbruner is not a 1st line player. SOmehow I think Gionta is gonna end up there. Maybe Brylin? Friesen better be a finisher, or I'm not sure what his place is here (That's a lot of pressure on him) We've got 2.5 checking lines.... Yikes. Maybe Nieds and T-vo can play wing? Can we trade Berglund, Guolla, Bicek, and some picks for Owen Nolan? It's Friday, so let's fantisize. Elias-Newy-Nolan Brylin-Gomer-Friesen Pando-Madden-Gionta Turner-Danton-Jimbo "Turner-Danton-Jimbo"... that line is going to make some people very unhappy...people on other teams that is.
  15. This topic is embarrassing for the board. I understand the need to express opinions, like "trade Nieds", which I personally believe is just wrong. But this is just a show of absolutely no hockey sense. Topic locked.
  16. Older versions of Netscape (4.?) aree very nice compact browsers. They are my favorite. But on most newer sites, like this one, they just don't work well. N4.7 has major cookie problems here.
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