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  1. He really just spoke about when a team loses it gets really down and this team just can't seem to come out of it. What they are going through now remindes him of the John MacLean time...and that should say a lot. He said it's a great group of guys and they are really a bit surprised it isn't going so well.
  2. Sorry for the delayed response everyone...busy time of the year He said players have little or no contact with the front office. There is no frustration with the coach but the team has turned very negative. He said DeBoer is super smart and approachable. (I won't repeat what I said about Sutter and he agreed) With that being said, he said there needs to be a fresh start... trades, coach, etc.. all in play
  3. I spoke with Patrik yesterday when he was in my store (Unique Photo). Nicest guy you ever want to meet. He actually spoke openly about the team and indicated there is a ton of negativity in the locker room and suggest the team needs a complete remake. Funniest line was that they call Zubrus "2-stitch" since he seems to be out of the line-up with a whimpy 2 stitches in his leg.
  4. THIS! and give him a few games, he will get better
  5. The Blues now have had Stevens and Brodeur. The 2 best Devils ever.
  6. Without Gelinas they are lost offensively. Twitter @MSweetwood
  7. Zdlicky has had a horrid game. Twitter @MSweetwood
  8. From my perspective that's about right. Gelinas wasn't that bad and did take the body on several times and he is at his best defensively when he does that. Severson was dreadful
  9. So our 4th line will be Gionta, Bernier and Ruutu... wow that's much better than last year
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