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  1. sigh.. that is a painful read We definitely don't know all the facts. Something caused that.
  2. To me this is the only real significant stat for a player like this. I wonder if that was true for Carter.
  3. Kind of like a unicorn. If you find one, you capture it for study.
  4. Salvador is going to get hurt. 15 games is over/under Same for Clowe.. ok I give him 25 games over/under
  5. There was a ridiculous amount of food with no wait
  6. It says when you are season ticket holder since and has 3 Cups on the bottom
  7. STH got specialty jerseys. You could Chose what to print on them
  8. I met with Lou and he said... No, but I really enjoyed him being honest about the numbers. Of course
  9. I wasn't being totally serious about Gomez, but there's a difference between having players that are prospects in the organization be there, and having an unsigned tryout.
  10. Gomez was here. What does that mean?
  11. Weber: we have just shy of 9000 season ticket holders. The top teams have 13,000 season ticket holders.
  12. Pete brings extreme knowledge to the game. Studies day in day out. He knows how to treat players. He is a "winner" very competitive.
  13. Lou starts my making fun of Daneyko. Talked about Marty always being a Devil and he will always be part of the team http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/14/10/05/3fc786b0b8edd29f62dbfa879c78fe24.jpg
  14. He's a LOTR fan.. cool Risky? So glad to get this crvp out of the way with BEFORE hockey...just friggin stop the puck
  15. Ask him if he keeps in contact with any of the Devils' players and Lou
  16. I am surprised one of the younger defensman doesn't get #22 That's so Lou
  17. You will have to beat me out for a spot.
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