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  1. Rangers-Caps shootout

    The shootout is too popular in it's early stages to expect it to go away, but really the biggest problem the NHL has is that it CLAIMS that the reason for the shootout is to ELIMINATE ties. If the goal is REALLY to eliminate ties, then there should be no points for the loser. In the NHL, each game has always been worth 2 points. Until the past few years, which saw losers of OT games gain 1 point. So now all games are worth 2 points except for the handful worth 3. How do you justify that? A team that plays a 5-5 tie and goes to OT or shootout and loses gets a point, but a team who plays a 0-0 tie for 59 minutes and gives up a goal with 30 seconds to go gets no points. Why? THAT is what ruins the integrity of the NHL.
  2. Grading the Hockey Experience in the Area

    You can find parking near Penn Station? I never had that sort of luck... I drive to every game I go to at MSG and have never paid a cent in over 10 years. Leave your car on the street.
  3. Congratulations to Mark Messier

  4. The Importance of Rivalries...

    Some interesting stuff here - I hope you don't mind if I add my two cents. 1. Interconference games are pretty unimportant. As a season ticketholder who sells the majority of the games - No one is interested in the Western Conference teams. They don't all come in every year anyway. In fact, how many people like the Interleague games in MLB? Nice for the first year or two, now they're unimportant and the league would be better off without them. You don't hear about people in American League cities crying about not seeing Bonds or Sosa. No big deal. 2. If they brought back the 4 divisions, and top 4 teams in each division makes it, it would absolutely bring the intensity up in the regular season. No doubt about it. Back in the day, you'd play your rival a ton during the year and the hatred would build, and by the time the playoffs rolled around, these teams were all over each other. That's the way it needs to be again. But before you go back, you do need to think of this - back then, a team like Hartford or Quebec would always get into the playoff in the Smythe while a better team in the Patrick was left out. Is the league better off with the top 16 teams in the league in the playoffs, or the top 4 in each division, allowing that teams with better records could be shut out? All interesting stuff. But the idea is still correct - more games between natural divisional rivals is what the NHL needs to get back to.
  5. Rags Putting Trottier Out Of His Misery Soon?

    I'd like to point out that none of this is a war between Cafe members, because Purple One is not a Cafe member!!!
  6. Rags Putting Trottier Out Of His Misery Soon?

    We still laugh at you.....were you the guy sitting in front of me last week wearing the Gomez jersey?
  7. Rags Putting Trottier Out Of His Misery Soon?

    Yep! Still some ways to go......better hope they don't figure something out....
  8. Rags Putting Trottier Out Of His Misery Soon?

    They don't want it Bg - cause then there's a chance we'd beat them........they couldn't handle it.
  9. Rags Putting Trottier Out Of His Misery Soon?

    I thought we were having a conversation about the Rangers. One that a Devil fan started BTW
  10. Rags Putting Trottier Out Of His Misery Soon?

    MaddDogg - there are a lot of uninformed fans from all teams. There are also a lot of people that haven't really seen Mike Dunham. The Rangers gave up very little for a pretty good goalie.
  11. Rags Putting Trottier Out Of His Misery Soon?

    Did PurpleKovyDerek just retire again?
  12. Rags Putting Trottier Out Of His Misery Soon?

    Lindros has tons of incentives....if he reaches none of them, then that figure is correct. 2.1 million.
  13. Rags Putting Trottier Out Of His Misery Soon?

    Once again proving you have no clue. Imagine me having the power to have someone removed from the Cafe. You WENT AFTER the two owners of the site like a raving lunatic. (which I'm sure wouldn't surprise anyone here) What did you think they'd do?
  14. Rags Putting Trottier Out Of His Misery Soon?

    Richter is going to retire.
  15. Rags Putting Trottier Out Of His Misery Soon?

    That's if you believe that Dafoe is any good......................I tend not to.