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  1. my personal opinion is the players thought too highly of Hedberg and didnt play as hard for him as they should have. Remember when Clemmonson came in to replace an injured Marty and it seemed the defense played extra hard cause they seemed to know he wasn't the best goalie around and thus made him better. Hedbergs great in a game here or there but not for the long haul. I think one of the rookies being in would have made them play harder and feel more responsibility. Thats what i think is lacking, whoever is in goal, from begining of season when they were winning til now where they seem to be
  2. last year, granted i only started watching games reguraly that year they lost to the Rangers with that whole Avery ordeal. That said, i was used to first round outages so i guess my opinioun doesnt count. Frankly last year, i expected for the flyers to sweep after the first game loss. what happened afterwords was an amazing ride. So happy to see Gionta and that fourth line come through and Kovy coming so far in the playoffs(im drinking, i may be wrong but i remember being happy with him) ad Broduer being amazing in goal in sadly what i think will be the last we see of his greatness before age
  3. duh, i keep forgetting lockout, guess lou or imaginary me as him, couldnt make them do it. be nice though
  4. yay, something hockey to watch. just alert me which one is the sean avery bugging Marty and then scoring . so sick of my ranger fan freinds brining that up. its their highlight of the rivalry. cause they are stupid
  5. Disappointed no devils arent in this. They are "Jerseys team". If i owned the Devils, I'd be asking or paying them to do charity work, handing out supplys, raising money etc, to make the team more likeable (that sound kinda evil, like taking advantage of the situation but it 'd be a win win for everyone.) In a lockout when your team cant fill a stadium, its a great oppurtunity to gain interest in hte team (still sounds evil but you see what i mean).
  6. got power back here in bloomingdale, hope all you guys are safe. im more of a lurker on this site but love the valuble info you guys give me on the team. The sucky part of getting power back is a few of my neighbors dont have power still. Makes me feel guilty but then i heard a story from a co worker how their son has the same thing , but is the one without power and his neighbor is putting up christams lights while he sits in his cold dar k house. dont do that, that will get you killed. anyhow,i seethe posts on global warming, perhaps that is it, perhaps we just built on stuff that wasnt buil
  7. i needed some type of sports tonight. i watched Baseball tongiht. BASEBALL PEOPLE>. rooted for the orioles. they won. if not for beer, i'd beasleep at nine
  8. I think Bettman needs a visit from the ghost of hockey past to remind him how he used to just screw the devils over and now hes taking on too much in the screwing over fans department. Perhaps the spirit will remind him of this and go to the way it used to be.
  9. Awesome card, i was at a wedding that night, and stuck at the white people table (shh, its not racist, black people for teh most part dont follow hockey) , some at the table who actually liked hockey. I remember hearing from someone with a smart phone taht Henrique scored. I jumped up and down with my wife to the one ranger fans (half ass one who only watches playoffs) discontent. Then i get the wife to drive me to a bar (ranger bar in NJ) to gloat and all the ranger fans tell me Lundquist screwed up, just stood there and did nothing while Henrigque came behind the net and did a wraparound. Vi
  10. i got that kovalchuk shirt for my birthday last month. told my wife i saw a guy wearing it and apparently i was talking like a kid so she got it for me. its bad ass, i love it. Wore it hiking though, with a backpack on and a white t-shirt underneath in 100 degree weather. the number bled onto my t-shirt from sweat and its pink now. not sure if thats normal or cheap printing.
  11. the "Not a lot of Nascar fans in the area " is waht shocked me reading the post s above. when i went back to Williamsport two years ago for the first time since 97. My freind who lives there confirmed its just not big anymore. I dont remember seeing the 2 nascar shops in the mall either. Barely any if any bumper stickers. Lots of people on cell phones driving though, almost like it was everyone. I rememeber partying in a dorm room in 96 and making country music and nascar jokes and six of the biggest 6'5, lugged hay bales all their lives, redneck guys you ever see surround me and ask me what
  12. i went to college in Williamsport in the mid 90's. The thugs were big in that town. Then Philidelphia sent their drug dealers etc there in a choice of that or go to jail. they beat up the old thugs and took over. Have fun out there. Cant see anyone in that general area wanting to see hockey. The only way i could imagine you could sell the locals a ticket to a game is if you slapped nascar stickers all over the players and had them make loud engine noises while skating in a circle. Zamboni would have to be painted to resemble a tractor. Shame about the Outlaws. just heard about them last year b
  13. i think since we are Devil fans, we dont appreciate how good they have been the last season and a half. Every loss pisses us off and makes us think its over. I think back to teh playoffs and i remember being bummed out many times and doubting they could come back but they did.Thats whats differnet about this years team, they came back. LIke Marty after a bad game, the whole team came back. Not like other years, like the playoffs agianst philly where they seemed to give up, they came back. they didnt let history tell them it wasnt possible to not beat the rangers, flyers and get out of the firs
  14. sucks, video is gone. Cam rules, he used to come to a bar i went to with a devils cheerleader he was dating during his first Jersey tour. he did anything he wanted. he was awesome.
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