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  1. Boston Bruins

    The Boston Bruins fans and sport people are veery excited about new CBA. They have most players signed with only 5 to 6 M of the cap used so they say including Thorton. They see an open market of talented players to pick from and have the money to do so within the cap. So everyone is very excited. Harry Sinden says the Fans were the biggest losers and the NHL must to everything to win the fans back. He's so cheap will he reduce ticket prices? Isles offered season ticket at same price with financial penality that's winning the fans back I am sure. What will the Devils who are the third highest at one time do with there ticket prices. I think leave them the same or at best a 10% reduction. There should have been a cap on the ticket prices with a reductionof 24% and an escrow account to be given to the team if the team played well and got to the next to the last round of the playoffs. Thanks DM
  2. Robinson as coach

    I am glad that Larry was named as coach. Period. He's much more defense than offense and he has tried offence in the past without success, long term. Lou's decision to pick Larry was a financial one. The Devils were under contract to pay Larry as a consultant so having him as a coach instead of a consultant and another coach reduces the management cost. But of the names mentioned as a coach for the Devils Larry was the right choice. It was Stevens that got him fired. Maybe Stevens won't be back this season.
  3. The end is in sight

    Well said! Every day that goes by is a possible problem with getting the issues resolved for a normal start of the 2005/2006 season. There are enough words printed lately suggecting that some player like the idea of holding out. This may be planned leaks. No one can accuse the players of not negotiating but accepting is another issue. What strategy will win out is to be determined.
  4. Brodeur or Stevens

    Can't move on from that stuff Rock. It's always there.
  5. Brodeur or Stevens

    Hey Rock, ha ha ha good one. You know that's not what I was talking about but it's good enough for a laugh. What I was talking about wasn't funny. Let's move on.
  6. Brodeur or Stevens

    This is easy to reply because both players are of a different age. So let's assume they are the same for this exercise. IMO Devils don't win any cup without Marty. PK we did see Marty play without Stevens it was the last season of hockey 2003/2004 and he played well IMO. I am not knocking the talent of Stevens in his better days but IMO Marty brings more to the team. If we speak of today then Stevens can be left at home fog for sure, just the age difference and Stevens slow down leaves him at home. Marty is what he is regardless of who made him PK it's unfair to use Lamaire in comparison because he was a coach the brought a system not a player. His system prevails today in one form or another. But I agree with Rock no one will ever know. So my answer is simple: Today....... Marty Yesterday...........Marty before 95 maybe Stevens not sure. They both have something in common besides Hockey, however. Rock knows what I am referring to.
  7. Brodeur or Stevens

    If I was forced to take one or the other I would take Brodeur even if they were the same age. You can't compare them as has been suggested by others in this thread. Devils can win the cup without Stevens but not without Brodeur.

    731 of course I want them to make the playoffs and to win the cup this coming season. I don't know who will be there at the start of the season so it's difficult to determine if they will have any offense. Then there is the defense to stop the other guys. If Stevens plays as he has the past two seasons other teams will score against him because they will skate right by him, as they did, he has become too slow for the present money he was making.

    I must add that I hope he doesn't come back. That shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.
  10. NHL will be idiot-proof

    731, that's your opinion. Failure comes in many forms.
  11. NHL will be idiot-proof

    Sorry folks Alex Mogilny Terrific move didn't help much during playoffs according to most of you, Vladimir Malakhov sorry I can't remember what he did during playoffs, Joe Nieuwendyk didn't help during playoffs, Jamie Langenbrunner good move Lou, Grant Marshall waste, Sean O'Donnell another waste, Viktor Kozlov what did he do, and Jan Hrdina he did what. Are we talking about warm bodies or real help for the playoffs?
  12. NHL will be idiot-proof

    It would appear once the season starts what ever you see in a team is what you're going to get at playoff time. No last minute upgrading for the playoffs. That will be different. I am not so sure I will like the new way if that's how it will be. I also have always enjoyed watching the trading deadline in March and seeing what team improve themselves for a run at the cup. Sounds like WYSIWYG. Probably good for the Devils as Lou never did that much (big names) (offense) at deadline time.
  13. Devils Roster status once CBA happens

    Where is the offense? Even with Elias. Is it all on his shoulders?
  14. Devils Roster status once CBA happens

    I guess you aren't a gambling person.... just on sure things. I rather use Get Real or GR but the moderators have a problem with that. But they let you post your stuff. Again, GR, NO political references outside of the politics forum. -RD
  15. Devils Roster status once CBA happens

    Don. we agree that it's not about the Devils D but instead the Devils O and this years will be the same. Can't win unless you score. We do agree. Triumph get over your self. If you think the bet is so good you take it Triumph. I make you the same offer. Triumph put your money where your mouth is.