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    Hockey, Throwing Bettman under a moving bus.. no really, a Greyhound on its way to Nashville would be a perfect bus to throw Bettman under. Sleeping, Yankees, Patriots
  1. What time does the draft start up tomorrow?
  2. Thank you for explaining it so I do not have to...
  3. So... Stupid.... A ..... Comment! Go root for the Rangers!
  4. We got kovalfvcked! I wonder if Bettman will do anything for us, a team he hates...
  5. It's on yahoo, briere to Montreal
  6. Collectively, they can count to three... An all time high for flyer fans
  7. More time for you to spoon Suter on that money mattess Zach!
  8. We became salmela free. Who wants that disease.
  9. What choices are we left with.... Trades would hurt our depth. If this guy can replace some of what we lost when Parise went and joined his boy band in minny, I say do it short term. We need to lock up Zajac and others long term, so that should be our new priority.
  10. I think the selling point is the fact that the Devils have been a competitive team every year since the 1995. I don't remember off hand, but have we made the playoffs every year but 2? Think of a team like Toronto that has been around a lot longer, but has not had the recent success we have.
  11. Russia or Long Island..... Well both are better than Staten Island... Guess its a coin toss
  12. Seems being in NY, on the Rangers, did help his game and putting. Just not his hockey career.
  13. I think Patty really would not care. But I'm just a fan so .....
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