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  1. I have yet to see a professional hockey game in my life. I know, I know, crazy right? Where ARE the best seats to get the full experience? I plan on getting to The Rock a few times this season. Also, any suggestions (besides a Ranger game) as far as a good first game to go see?
  2. I tried searching the forum first for this answer but nothing came up. Can anyone help with using an image I uploaded to the gallery as my signature? Thanks for your time.
  3. AaronInPK


    A place to leave signature jpg's
  4. Let's put a couple in the net early tonight and take the pressure off of the young skaters shifts. LGD! Stay hot! <= slight sarcasm (DevilDan56 hit it right on the head)
  5. How much does the chorus of boos on Monday after the Pittsburgh loss weigh into MacLean's decision to go with Marty Friday night? Obviously Marty gives us a better chance to win on any given night. There is something to building momentum amongst the fan base. Especially in your own building. Even more so with 2 losses in 2 tries at home so far.
  6. Must have broke it on Cody McCormicks face. You can see the fight here ... http://www.hockeyfights.com/fights/97569
  7. Devils defenseman Mark Fraser has a fracture hand. He had surgery this morning to insert a pin and will miss four to six weeks. @TGFireandIce
  8. Thanks. I did some salary cap research just before the season started since it was the only news coming out of Devils camp it seemed. So I think for a beginner I have a pretty good grasp on the cap so far (LTIR, Minimum Dressed Requirements, and bad contracts haha) I had some familiarity with minor league before (still learning the one-way, two-way contracts and such) Which of these guys do YOU see as someone who can step in immediately and get decent ice time and make a difference (if any)?
  9. AaronInPK

    GAME 4: TH/HM/TG

    Still feeling out the squad. I'm a fan of the guys who put in the dirty work on the boards in the offensive ends. Keep possession and maybe don't get points but their play directly leads to goals and/or good chances. Still searching for that "workman" on this team.
  10. AaronInPK

    GAME 4: TH/HM/TG

    Thanks for the answer and the warning haha. TH - Marty (a shutout is a shutout is a shutout...#111) HM - John MacLean (his little practice tirade may have lit a fire under some of the guys) TG - Zajac (since the first 11 minutes of Game 1 he has been M.I.A.)
  11. So being as this is only my 2nd week of being a Devils fan (previously did not follow much NHL but love the sport and was converted by my roomate). Can someone give me a little insight into these AHL call ups? Sorry for the lack of knowledge. But I'm trying to go all-in with this team. Thanks for your time.
  12. AaronInPK

    GAME 4: TH/HM/TG

    Second day on the forum here...TH? HM? TG? Sorry for the surely dumb question.
  13. Thanks guys (and girls?). It was nice to see a win last night. I've already starting saying "we" and "us" haha. I lived down in queens for a good portion so I consider Poughkeepsie upstate. Anyway, I'll be sure to ask questions. Let's go Devils.
  14. LGD! I would love to get my first win as a Devil fan tonight. My first 28 years of life I existed without an NHL allegiance. Now here I am posting on a Devil forum. Who would have thought?
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