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  1. ughhh.. i shutout tonight would have done wonders for marty's confidence. was really hoping he'd get it.
  2. patty got one last season i believe
  3. my god, that one drives me more crazy than the chick who left the goddamn gate open
  4. my god. fvck this rock climbing b!tch and that god awful piece of sh!t song in the background. can't they put some new goddamn commercials on during games? jesus.. sorry, had to blow off some steam there, lol. LGD!!!!!!!!!
  5. thats what he's known for around here, that and his constant negativity.
  6. there ya go. still plenty of time here. we can claw our way back into this
  7. its amazing how easily people forget what marty's done for this organization, and toss him under the bus when things are going poorly. i wonder about some of the "fans" on this board.
  8. PDB better light a fvckin fire under their asses in the locker room after this period. this is un-fvcking-acceptable.
  9. damn.. nice fvckin hit by henrique there
  10. ughh. not a good night for marty, but it's still early. c'mon moose.
  11. great game, couldn't be happier with the win. off to celebrate, enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!
  13. man, kovy's all over the place tonight. i love it
  14. that was definitely a goal. good call, i figured they'd rule it out, cause you know, that usually happens with devils.
  15. i love saturday night games. really want this win tonight. LGD!!!!
  16. god this game needs to fvcking end.
  17. well, yeah but that goes without saying haha. the only thing better than the devils winning, is the rangers losing .. really happy with the win tonight though. seems like last game lit a fire under there asses. i just hope it carries on as long as possible.
  18. hahaa what a great night it's been. devils win, rangers lose. nothin beats that
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