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  1. man, the hyndai commercials are always so fvcking annoying.
  2. got a good feeling about this one. dont let me down boys!
  3. i dont mind rangers fans being at devils home games. even though i hate them all, and i think they're obnoxious pricks, i dont mind them being there. i think the real problem that can actually be fixed is making sure the devils fans are louder than the rangers fans. that's the real embarrassment. those dirtbags come into our home arena and act like they own the fvckin place and it makes me sick. i wasn't at the last home game against the rangers, but i heard it was embarrassing to be a devils fan, in our own fvcking arena. these ranger fans have nothing to be proud of. they're having a good season so far. so what? they aren't winning any championships, and they won't succeed in the playoffs. that's a fact, and yet they still act like the most proud group of people in the world. i don't have a problem with people supporting they're teams at the rock, cause i'd do the same thing if i went to a devils away game. but to let them run things in our arena makes me sick to my stomach. i think what we need to do is not worry about how many people show up, but make sure that we are louder than the people who show up for the opposing team, and not take any sh!t from the lowlife ranger fans when they are there. i've read some of their posts from that game on the HF boards, and man, those guys are comical. for a team that hasn't one the cup in 15+ years, and over 50 years before that, their fans sure do act like there's something to be proud of. anyway, thats my input. that's my frustration from tuesday nights game that i've been holding in finally coming out..
  4. good solid win. what a great weekend its been
  5. broke down and got tickets to this game.. didn't really have the money to spend but i figured it was well worth it. LGD and congrats to scotty!
  6. lol that would be nice wouldn't it.
  7. i'd def hit it.. anyway, really happy for Debo too. Zach made it seem like he really wanted this win tonight in his interview. im glad the team could come out with a win for him.
  8. FVCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.. marty with two great saves in that shootout man..
  9. AAHHH i thought we had it there..happy with the point though.. c'mon boys lets get another one here in OT!
  10. its tied 2-2, 6 mins left in the third
  11. yeah, i've been trying to find out how to do that on my droid so i can keep up with the games if im at work during them.
  12. whew.. glad thats over lol. good win tonight though. on to tomorrow
  13. hey, how long are the point streaks now for kovy, zach and henrique?
  14. another SHG.. just fvckin awesome
  15. my thoughts exactly.. if they're both coming at you, you might as well just leave the net, cause 99.9% of the time its going to go in lol
  16. thatta boy kovy! gotta keep building this lead though
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