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  1. watching the devils win is such a great feeling. good game boys. i knew i shoulda bought tickets for tonight =/
  2. c'mon now. one more on the powerplay!
  3. good fvcking work clarkson!
  4. these penalties are getting a little ridiculous.
  5. i fvcking hate that stupid hyndai commercial with the annoying girl singing jingle bells. it drives me crazy every time i see it. i do love, however what im seeing from the devils tonight. shut em out boys!
  6. c'mon boys, lets fvcking do this. get a win. that would be a nice late xmas gift . and everyone who's going to the game, be safe on the road. LGD
  7. Kovy138

    Its time

    well said my man
  8. seriously. i won't be buying anymore tickets to their games until they either get a new coach, or johhny mac pulls his head out of his fvcking ass.
  9. un-fvckin-believable. this is a sick fvcking joke.
  10. im getting horrendously sick of that one, the stupid timberland boot commercial, the stupid commercial with the women who needs a taste intervention... they all bother the hell out of me.
  11. alright, sounds good to me, haha. i wonder why they're giving out free tickets though. but hey, i wont complain. damn, that's awesome. do you know what kinda seats they give out with these tickets? not that it really matters considering they're free, but just out of curiosity.
  12. wow, this is for real huh? so all i have to do is go to the box office to get them the night of the game?
  13. f*ck it.. im not even watching the 3rd period. no point anymore
  14. is anyone else not getting the game on TV? it's just black for me.. edit: nevermind, it works on MSG+
  15. ABOUT TIME BABY! that was one hell of a game. i knew Kovy was due for a goal.
  16. hopefully, kovalchuck will get his first goal of the season tonight. he's due for a goal already! lets do it devils!
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