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  1. Kovalchuk? Really? Give me a break. Even with an atrocious season he is 2nd highest point producer and on pace for 50 points. Once everything is settled it's pretty safe to say he will be a consistent 80-90 point player. His defensive play will get better and his cap hit is not much higher than Elias's. The cap is going up next year and will continue to go up. $6.66M for a 27 year old sniper of his caliber with at least another 6-8 years before he starts declining is excellent.

    I swear the thing that drives me crazy this year is not how bad we're doing, but how badly some of you overreact.

    well said my man

  2. flat start to the first, woke up by the end, horrendous start to the 2nd, finished strong as i've seen them all year.

    the 1st goal shows you how awful Greene's season is going, 3rd goal will make you want to go "ole yeller" on him.

    and is anyone else that's watching getting horrendously sick of those hyundai commercials?

    im getting horrendously sick of that one, the stupid timberland boot commercial, the stupid commercial with the women who needs a taste intervention... they all bother the hell out of me.

  3. Yeah you just show your id (license) and print out the email they sent you and thats that.

    alright, sounds good to me, haha. i wonder why they're giving out free tickets though. but hey, i wont complain.

    They had the same set up for the "winners" of the yorkshire lawns contest. There was only supposed to be "30" winners but they had about 4 will call windows dedicated to dispensing the tickets to all of the winners when we arrived.

    All you do is give them photo ID and the e-mailed confirmation and they pass you the tickets. I ended up getting row 12 behind the net.

    damn, that's awesome. do you know what kinda seats they give out with these tickets? not that it really matters considering they're free, but just out of curiosity.

  4. kovy is absolutely not the problem for this team. he's just a convenient scapegoat.

    last i checked, lou went out and signed the top defensive free agent this past off season. and he also signed tallinder, who was a well thought of defenseman, regardless of how he's played so far.

    who are all of these other defensemen we didn't sign due to the kovy contract?

    my thoughts exactly.

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