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  1. lets fvcking go boys! cant wait to get this one started. it feels so great to finally watch some devils hockey again.
  2. oh, how i've missed the good old GDT. so good to be back. LETS GO DEVILS!!!!!
  3. this got me fired up. i cant wait for hockey, fellas.
  4. Kovy138


    one of the greatest feelings in the world waking up seeing that headline. im so ready for some devils hockey. LGD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. i really wish i didn't have to leave for work, and i could sit in front of my computer all day and just refresh the nhl.com page. this sh!t is driving me crazy.
  6. as long as he's not wearing a rangers jersey. i can't fathom going to a devils/rangers game at the rock and seeing parise on the back of a rangers jersey.
  7. i hope the rags fans see that. it's made me sick to my stomach the last couple months with the way they talk about how zach is gonna sign with them. thats the last jersey i wanna see zach wearing.
  8. at least we're not getting shut out.
  9. really don't even know what to think right now.
  10. LETS GOO DEVILS!! let's fvckin do this boys! gonna be a long day waiting for this one..
  11. ONE GAME AT A TIME! fvckin right, boys!
  12. LETS GO DEVILS!!! that is all..
  13. henrique's goal was exactly how we need to shoot on quick. hopefully they look that over time and time again on video before saturday. shooting like that will bring us goals. one game at a time. talk to you guys on saturday.
  14. one game at a time. LETS GO DEVILS!
  15. anyone opposed to starting moose in game 4? not that marty's been horrible. the whole fvcking team is to blame for what's happening in this series. give marty a night off, we have 4 games to win now.
  16. just gotta win 4 straight.. no big deal
  17. pleaseee fvcking win. time to get back on track here. LETS GO DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. thats what im thinking, cause i can barely hear anything other than the announcers. there's no way the crowd is THAT quiet.
  19. thats awesome that he's cool about you leaving early, man. i've been secretly sneaking out of work early on game nights.. havent been caught yet, so ill be doing the same tonight haha. LETS FVCKING GO DEVILS!!!!! :burn: !!!!!
  20. well, i mean more people picked the devils on that list. like you said, we're definitely the underdogs, which is cool with me. edit: was there a list like that made for the rags series? i dont think i saw it, but i can imagine what it looked like.
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