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  1. Told my Boss im leaving early today (this is my first week at this job btw) He asked why. Told him its SCF Devs. He chuckled and said "Gotta rep NJ, Go Devils" He doesn't follow sports but my God am I happy I got this job!



    thats awesome that he's cool about you leaving early, man. i've been secretly sneaking out of work early on game nights.. havent been caught yet, so ill be doing the same tonight haha. LETS FVCKING GO DEVILS!!!!! :burn: :burn: :burn: !!!!!

  2. We are not the favorites, the Kings are...

    well, i mean more people picked the devils on that list. like you said, we're definitely the underdogs, which is cool with me.

    edit: was there a list like that made for the rags series? i dont think i saw it, but i can imagine what it looked like.

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