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  1. im having a real hard time figuring out why you think how long you've been here, and how many posts you have, means anything at all. i feel like im arguing with a fvcking 10 year old. your 800 posts don't mean sh-t when half of them are constant trolling and trying to piss people off.
  2. i'd say i speak for the majority of the people on this board. and it's more then not wanting to respond to you, i don't want to see your posts at all anymore. and don't suggest putting you on the ignore list, because it does nothing for me knowing you're still posting your bullsh-t on here, even if i can't see it. the only logical solution is you getting banned, which should have happened long ago.
  3. im sure that's all you come here for. just like the rags fan that got "assaulted" did absolutely NOTHING to deserve it, right? point is, it's a fvcking DEVILS board. you're not a devils fan, and none of us have any interest in "discussing the series" with you.
  4. he's a joke, much like the team he coaches. can't stand him one bit.
  5. i've been looking all over for that devils one. love that band, and that shirt is just awesome. if anyone finds em online or anything, please let me know.
  7. kovy just made the queen his bitch! keep up this pressure, boys!!
  8. beat these fvcking pussies tonight. take one timers to the of faces of these motherfvckers if they're gonna jump in front of every puck. hit em' hard enough, they'll stop doing it. crash the net, get some pucks past the queen, and tie this series up. LETS FVCKING GO DEVILS!!
  9. http://i.usatoday.net/communitymanager/_photos/game-on/2012/04/29/flyersx-large.jpg edit: just realized you said photoshopped, i apologize.
  10. i havent felt this good in YEARS. if all of us were in a bar together, id be buying you all drinks, thats the kind of mood im in. like i said earlier, im so proud of this team. a week ago, none of us thought we'd be done with the flyers in 5. at least i know i didn't. can't wait for the next round.
  11. 1:42 left. up 3-1, and im still shaking. i need this to end, like now. just bury the empty netter and call it a game boys!!
  12. Kovy138


    really just want to end this one tomorrow. i can't think of a better situation than knocking them out of the playoffs, in their own building, while their star player is suspended. lets just get it done!
  13. worst fvcking commercial ive ever seen. i was so happy after the game tonight, that commercial comes on, instantly feel like whipping things through the wall. can't stand those cvnts.
  14. yeah, i don't mean tonight.. i feel like he's always yapping and being a prick. i'd like to see someone fight him in this series, knock his ass into shape.
  15. someone should lay that fvckin piece of sh!t simmonds out.
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