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  1. now will you idiots who think sky is falling when we're down by 1 shut the fvck up?
  2. i could bench press a fvckin 18 wheeler right now.. im so wired after that. they came through, and got it done. you know, i havent felt like this in too long. no way im sleeping tonight.
  3. dude.. if i have to see this verizon commercial one more time, with the crying cvnts, im gonna throw somethign through my fvcking window. this game is enough, i don't need to see all these horrible fvcking commercials to help me lose my fvcking mind.
  4. lol i think he called him "a little pest" also.
  5. working till 8, so i really lucked out with the 8:30 start time.. its still going to suck having to get through work with this game on my mind.. GET IT DONE, BOYS! LGD!!!
  6. most of you should be ashamed of yourselves with the way you act. for fvcks sake, get behind your team. we're going to game 7.
  7. yeah im not sure i see that either. some people need to calm the fvck down on here. the game is tied, we haven't lost anything yet, and we're starting the 3rd on the PP..
  8. lookin good so far, keep it up boys! LGD!!! ps: RUSH IS PLAYING AT THE ROCK!?
  9. LETS FVCKING GO DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so pumped for this one! if they play the way they played in the last one, theres no reason why we can't take the lead in this series. get it fvcking done!!
  10. hell of a fvcking game. should be a huge confidence builder heading back to florida. congrats to marty on the shutout. SERIES TIED BABY!!!
  11. clemmer had no chance on that shot. thats what we need from you kovy!
  12. for the love of god, please keep the pressure up. beauty by bernier there! edit: ZAJAC!!!!!!!!!!
  13. c'mon boys! gotta get a win here! LETS FVCKING GO DEVILS!! edit: ottawa is tied with the rags in their series, theres no reason we can't tie it up with the cats here. GET IT DONE!
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