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  1. yeah, dumb idea on my part, lol. time to bust out the spacle i guess.
  2. i've calmed down a little after last nights game. i was furious, as most of us were. there's a giant hole in my wall, cause i put my computer chair through it at the end of the game. oops.. anyway, i've calmed down, had some time to reflect, and i dont want to spend anymore time worrying about the next game. i just want them to win. tie the series, regain some confidence going back to Florida, and win this series 4-2. if last night wasn't a wake up call for the team, then there isn't one. im trying to remain optimistic about game 4. maybe last night needed to happen, and they'll come out guns fvcking blazing tomorrow night, for more then 10 minutes in the first period. that's all we need, one solid, dominant game to build off of. please just get it done. sorry for rambling.. i needed to get all that out.. LGD!
  3. PDB sounds a little hoarse. hopefully he ripped into the guys in the locker room. and marty's starting thursday, in case any of you arent watching his press conference.
  4. fvck you bergenheim, fvcking dirtbag. better score on this PP
  5. they better come out fvcking flying in the 3rd. wake the fvck up!
  6. better come out with a motherfvcking fire under their asses in the 3rd.
  7. refs doing their best to hand this one to the cats i guess..
  8. gonna have my kovy jersey on all day today. lets go, boys!!
  9. GAME 1 BABY!!! a little more hectic than i would've preferred, but fvck it, we won!
  10. can't believe it's playoff time already. LETS FVCKING GO DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. it's been a fun season, everyone. looking forward to the playoffs..
  12. he's good and all. i just can't stomach hearing him say "pour some sugar on me"..
  13. great fvcking game tonight, boys. solid win, and a great game for marty.
  14. it definitely doesn't have the same affect when steve says it. at least it was kinda hot when deb said it..
  15. nope edit: THAT was a goal .. PONII!
  16. great, great feeling right now. i know it was only one season, but it feels like it was so long ago since we've been in the playoffs. gonna be celebrating this one all night. cheers, everyone.
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