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  1. i believe so.. what a way to celebrate, huh? scoring a goal, his first 30th at that. good for him, he deserves it.
  2. fck yeah, boys. keep pounding them in!
  3. yeah, not sure about that one.. no one was saying that when they were stringing 4 or 5 game winning streaks together. its amazing how quickly everyones opinion changes once they lose a few games. now, we can all dwell on the the fact that the team "didnt deserve to win tonight" or we can be happy at the fact that they did. i know which one im going with
  4. dont care if they deserved it or not, they got the 2 points.
  5. a point, and a powerplay in OT, ill take it. get it done
  6. fvck.. whatever, every point counts. marty really wasn't sharp tonight, e3specially in the S/O
  7. this. at least they got a pair of goals in this one. gotta be ready for the rags though.
  8. just dont let that bitch crosby get his first goal back against us. thats all i care about at this point.
  9. you fvcking kidding me with that icing call?
  10. fvck.. i wish i bought tickets to this one. anyway LGD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. fvcking beautiful goals by kovy and zach, and marty was great all night.
  12. that iphone rock god commercial pisses me the fvck off.. i dont know why, it just does. almost as much as NONE OF THESE PUCKS GOING IN THE NET!!!
  13. just realized that. whatever, fvck them.
  14. moose deserves the most credit for this win. easily could have been blown out tonight, moose kept us in it.
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