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  1. im still trying to pull it together here, lol. can't believe we got out of there with 2 points in regulation.
  2. come on now lets get one on this PP edit: FVCK YEAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH
  3. the only reason this is still 0-0 is because of moose, hands down. the rest of the team needs to wake the fvck up
  4. was i just hearing Lets Go Devils chants? sure sounded like it
  5. i'd say so. kids being an idiot.
  6. lol thats why i always make sure to not wear a good hat, or one i really like to a game.
  7. really hope this carries on into thursday against the islanders. i dont see how it couldn't. we skated circles around the top team in the east tonight, for most of the game. that must do something for their confidence. for now though, im going to continue my celebration with a southern tier pumking .
  8. i'da done the same thing if he told me to sit down in my own fvckin arena. thats the kinda sh!t im talking about. those dirtbags come into our arena and act like it's their home. good job standing your ground.
  10. keep them in line. i can't stand when those fvcks show up and act like they run the place.
  11. certainly didnt think we'd be getting a point tonight after that first period. c'mon boys get the next one!
  12. im gonna get banned from the hf boards i think. i just can't take rags fans anymore.
  13. gonna be at this one tonight. LGD!!!!!! make me proud.
  14. great fvcking game, and great night for marty. really wish he got the shutout. onto toronto..
  15. refs really suck sh!t tonight huh?
  16. huge win for us tonight. marty was great all night. so glad toronto got it right there in OT. so happy with this win tonight. ive been sick all week, but i feel great right now. thanks boys!
  18. thank you god. c'mon now boys. fvcking end it now.
  19. goddamn marty looks fantastic tonight
  20. boulton cut up bad there. didnt even seem like he got hit that hard, lol.
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