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  1. HATTRICK FOR KOVY!! unbelievably happy with these boys tonight. congrats kovy, you've earned it.
  2. NHL.com says the game started already, lol. anyone else notice that? anyway, LGD!! back in the win column today
  3. FVCK YESS!! devils outplayed the rags for the majority of the night. this is a well deserved win, and a well deserved shut out for marty. huge, huge win tonight.
  4. brilliant play by kovy to get it back to volchenkov. congrats a-train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. LGD!!!! gotta come out flyin' like we did yesterday.
  6. i wish this game happened during the 24/7 filming. i'd love to see the reaction in the flyers locker room after this one
  7. FOSTER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god, philthy fans must be livid
  8. i would have loved it if mills dropped that motherfvcker. guys a reall a$$hole. hartnell deserves a beating too. i hope boulton gets his hands on him
  9. lol i thought for sure we'd be killing a 5-3 there edit: ZUUUUUBBBBBBEEEEEEESSSS
  10. hell of a fvcking night for the first line. and marty, despite letting in 3 goals, had a great fvcking night. couldnt be happier with tonights win.
  11. ughh. larrson gettin knocked around quite a bit tonight
  12. lol, the gif in your sig is fvckin creepy dude
  13. lol yupp. they talk their sh!t when they win, but when they get beat, all the excuses come out. i just can't wait for their team to be back at the bottom, where they belong.
  14. im speechless. almost literally, cause thats the loudest i've yelled in a long time. BEAUTIFUL goal by clarkson there. im thrilled with the point, but god do i want that other one.
  15. great fvckin song/album. anyway, LGD! im gonna be at this one, dont let me down! fvck this snow.
  16. just so disappointing. i really thought they had this one. but yeah, they looked much better than they did the last time they played the bruins. i just hope they're ready for saturday.
  17. maybe you should just not watch the games anymore then.
  18. he said it in an interview during the pregame in winnipeg last saturday i think.
  19. god i hate that commercial, but that video is fantastic
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