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  1. MacLean didn't say boo, Brodeur dictated to MacLean which game he will sit.
  2. If you believe the Head Coach has the authority to sit Brodeur, then why did Brent Mutter say at the post-game conference that he felt one of the reasons the Devils were defeated in the early round, was that Brodeur was tired? If Brent Mutter had the power to sit Brodeur, then it would have been his own fault for not resting him, no?
  3. Money Masters: The History Of The Federal Reserve http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7757684583209015812#
  4. I'm not sure what "the 9/11 conspiracy" is that you are referring to. According to government, the attacks were masterminded and implemented by a conspiracy of 19 extremist Muslims. So, in order to believe the official government story, you must believe in a conspiracy. I don't promote any theories, just that the facts indicate that the official story cannot be the truth, and that there is a need for another investigation. I'm not sure what your problem is. No, the Head Coach never had the power to sit Brodeur under Lou Lamoriello. I just told you of two former head coaches who confirm this.
  5. If that was true, then every Goaltending Coach has the power to override the wishes of the Head Coach. It was said by Jacques Lemaire last season, that Martin Brodeur would let him know when he wanted to rest.
  6. From my observations of the past several coaches, I don't believe MacLean has the authority not to play Brodeur. In fact, I believe Lou puts other conditions on the Head Coach(s). I recall Brent Mutter saying after being knocked out early in the Playoff, that he believed Brodeur was tired. In retrospect, it seems he wanted to rest Brodeur but was prevented from doing so by Lou. Either Lou called this start, or Martin told MacLean he wanted to sit the next game out.
  7. See now, coming off the win it will only be more difficult for Lou to correct the current state of affairs vis a vis Brodeur. Hedberg should get quite a few games this season, but once again it remains to be seen if this will actually happen.
  8. The European Union is certainly stronger both economically, and militarily, for uniting into a superpower. But each state has it's own healthcare policies, and many of them are having huge problems that will only get worse. A lot the economic pressure caused by "social democracies"(moving towards fascism in the EU) has been masked by their central banks as the US economy is being sabotaged by The Federal Reserve, and IMF. Europe will have to come to grips with this soon, and the solution will be war!
  9. It's been a long time since our team had a real offensive defenseman. I'm hoping Tao will become a real scoring threat from the blueline.
  10. You think that the taxpayer should bailout states that have also played the game of deficit spending year after year? The so called $50B, is just a band-aid loan, it's not solving the problem.
  11. It did not save jobs, it created new government contracts that gave short term projects to contractors, and it grew the government by adding more government positions that are a liability on the taxpayer. There was no stimulus, just a load of debt heaped on the American people.
  12. ungar

    Game #7 TH/HM/TG

    Josefson made a smart play back to the point instead throwing the puck around the boards to be turned over. I wish all of our forwards would do this instead of constantly fighting for possession behind the net.
  13. The only jobs the stimulus created were short term construction jobs, or government jobs by adding new positions. This is not a real stimulus, and the taxpayer is liable for these gargantuan expenditures.
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