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  1. all items that say signed also has written game used as well im open to offers email at davemooch@gmail.com with offers or facebook me dave mooch when you see x2 that means i have 2 sticks Game used sticks for sale. Msg me with your offers Scott Wedgewood signed x2 Danuis zubrus signed x2 Ilya kovslchuck signed Adam Larsen Mattie tedenby Brian rolston signed x2 Andy greene signed Rod pelley signed Jay Pandolfo K oiwila Mike mottau Anton volchenckov signed Henrik tallinder David clarksen x2 one signed Jamie langenbrunner signed Johan hedberg signed x3 Mike Sillinger Jamie pushor Travis zajac signed Claude Lemieux signed Patrick Elias signed x2 Jacob joffeson signed Matt corriente Helmets zach parise signed game worn Andy greene Nick Palmeri Henrik tallinder Game used gloves Parise signed and unsigned Kovslchuck Travis zajac signed
  2. is anyone streaming todays game? please im at work

  3. i have the follwoing items for sale bergfos game worn jersey rod pelley home game worn signed jersey rod pelley road game worn signed jersey mike rupp game worn jersey johnny oduya game worn jersey pre season mike mottua game worn jersey pres season brain rolston game used signed gloves colin white game used signed gloves travis zajac game worn gloves rod pelley game worn golves johan hedberg game used stick broke in half ken danokeyo game used signed skates email me at davemooch@gmail.com for offers or questions......most thing swere bought from meigray and the rest was from devils sale
  4. i have a few items that im looking to move email me at davemooch@gmail.com with offers brian rolston game used gloves also signed and he wrote game used rolston game used stick signed wrote game used rod pelley game used gloves wrote game used and signed colin white game used gloves wrote game used and signed travis zajac game used gloves zach parise game used gloves zach parise signed non game used glove steiner zach parise game used helmet also signed and wrote game used meigray ken danekyo game used signed skates also wrote game used on each skate brad mills game worn trenton titians jersey brad mills game worn trenton devils jersey i dont have prices on these i will listen to offers. the zp game used helmet is firm $500
  5. I can't make game as of now I have two seats 1 and 2 sec 11 row 14 right next to the devils families. Looking for 800 for both email me Davemooch@gmail.com we must meet tonight Friday bc I'm going away Tom Saturday morning or call me or text me 718 986 9630
  6. i got the tickets today face value is 190 for asg and 90 for skills which comes out to 235 for both im looking to take a total of 285 per ticket i have 2. sec 327 moloson canadian section row j seats 8 and 9
  7. anyone streaming the game?

    1. Aznjsn


      i need this too. lol. myp2p is down.. ugh.

  8. i bought a ten game pack from the sens this year so i dont pay a crazy price. 4 tix to 10 games so they game me 4 tix for all star weekend. the price was worked into the whole fee i paid. once i getthe tix i can tell you the face. im pretty sure the face value was 250 a seat. please email me and i will let you know
  9. i have two extra tickets to the nhl all star game and the skills comp. anyone looking to make the trip to ottawa? the section and row and seats are not known yet im waiting for them to come in the mail. email me at davemooch@gmail.com im not looking to make a ton of money so face value plus 25 a ticket
  10. guys keep this post going lets get all the fans to read this and see they are not the only ones spending all this money to come to rock and not be heard bc of vistors fans taking rock over
  11. i sell my tickets to friends at prices i paid for my season tickets. i dont sell my tickes on ebay or stubhib and if i had to resort to selling on web it would be through ticket exchange....lets figure something out boys
  12. -Devs man i seel tickets that i cant make....i sold the buffalo game and pitts games bc i will be traveling to ottawa to see the devils play. dont make a comment like that if you dont know me
  13. i understand from a head office this wont be good idea to reduce tickets but if they trun the tables around and look at it as a whole. yes we will sell building out pack the hosue with devils fans maybe it will light a fire under the devils ass and say hey wow we have more then the couple thousand fans that come every game.plus if we do this vs a rival team like the rags or flyers wouldnt that be something else. come on devils fans lets start this up and spread the word
  14. Hey guys im a season ticket holder and so far twice this year already i felt like a vistors fan. does anyone else feel this way? the game agianst the habs and rangers are the games im talking about. as a devils fan i feel disgusted. i wish one day against a rival team we can sell out with devils fans maybe thats whats this team needs to wake up. spread the word around lets pack our hosue for a rival game. please voice your thoughts. im contacting my devils rep to see how we can do this maybe reuced price to teh game if you are a devils fan. etc please post if you have ideas on how we can do this
  15. i got two tickets that i can not attend in sec 15 row 14 seats 1 and 2 will sell for face value. email me davemooch@gmail.com
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