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  1. Parise with torn meniscus will miss three months.

    Im gonna miss zach, but in a way it could turn our season around. Theyre all always counting on the big guns to get it done, someone sometime has got to pull this team outta whatever funk theyre in. We're about to really see what makes the devils the devils, how we fight and we exceed from such adversity. Im sticking it out the devs rock even when we're losing
  2. Hey All !

    Hey all! just was searching the web and came across this forum. I LOVE THE DEVILS!!!! I thought itd be cool to chat with other devs fans. I've been a fan since i can remember... Im 26f and am from sussex county. I spend all year waiting for October hockey is the only sport i enjoy. I live with an Islanders fan and a Rangers fan god help me! nice to meet u all and cant wait to talk about my boys! WooHooo!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOO DEVILSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!