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  1. Damn they made Wedge work tonight 37 saves on 40 shots (.925) in Yores OT loss. Good stat line, and at least they got a point
  2. That's a great trade for COL. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and prospects that are legit and at least one is nhl ready for a guy they've been rumored trying to move for like two years
  3. Onddeck

    2017 UFA Thread

    Worked with another team in that city with Elway
  4. Onddeck

    2017 UFA Thread

    How do you know shero didn't do that? regardless, he was never not going to NYR.. he wanted to go home, let him be. people rip on players for selling out and taking huge contracts... and now we're ripping on players for taking pay cuts to go home and play for their childhood favorites?
  5. Onddeck

    2017 UFA Thread

    lol. used up all the picks, struck out in FA.... but we still have hope in the trade market!! right?
  6. Onddeck

    2017 UFA Thread

    really the only things im paying attention to today are Shattenkirk, what was happening to Fowler, and any trades... realistically the only things that could contribute to NJ being a better team
  7. Onddeck

    2017 UFA Thread

    Montreal and Alzner agree on a 5 year deal
  8. Fast hockey is hockey at its best
  9. Haha! Awesome.. if I ever see a Devils hat there I'll call it out and yes Frogger is where I spent most of my time! NBA jam btw makes you pay for every quarter smh.. still whooped up on my buddy though
  10. Onddeck

    2017 UFA Thread

    Licking my chops.. but very cautiously and pessimistically
  11. Btw I was there on sat and rampage is gone!! Couldn't believe it
  12. For the record Jesper is not as tall as Nico but weighs 180.. so he's stockier
  13. I thought he was saying like nothing is keeping you in NJ.. just my two cents. so did anyone hear all of Nicos interview with boomer and carton? Was wondering how it went
  14. Just saw a clip from boomer and carton where Nico didn't know who Jeter was. Poor guy haha
  15. Nico here at Yankee stadium. They just put him up in the video board
  16. yea good call.. maybe just hoping we would've traded up or something o well, this is such a solid weekend im not gonna complain
  17. Surprised we didn't take a Dman till the 81st pick also didn't know the draft was this morning so I've missed like all of it
  18. the Devils will pick 1st, 36th, 63rd, 81st, 98th, 129th, 143rd, 160th, 185th and 191st.
  19. still hoping we trade up for a D man here
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